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Colour is an amazing tool to easily transform the mood and atmosphere of any space. With a few swipes of a paint brush, or by changing out the colour of the décor, you can make any room in your home look brand new. But when you have the entire rainbow at your fingertips, where do you start? This is where looking at colour trend reports from industry experts may be helpful at guiding you in the right direction. You might recognize Pantone, a world-renowned tech company lauded for their annual Colour of the Year report, but there are many other prominent brands that release their reports as well. Here is a roundup of a few of the top picks for 2022 Colour of the Year.

A robust periwinkle that is both soothing and vibrant, Very Peri can be used to evoke creativity, while also providing a sense of calm. Very Peri is unique, in that this is the first time Pantone has created an entirely new hue for their yearly pick, and is meant to symbolize the slow transition out of isolation – something we may all be able to relate to. If you’re racking your brain for a way to incorporate Very Peri into your home, look no further than these fabulous finds.

Heavily evocative of your favourite fruit, this ripe avocado green is both refreshing and relaxing. For those who love neutrals but are looking for a simple way to ease into a more colourful palette, Guacamole just might satisfy that need. Pair it with stark white or matte black accents to really bring this hue to life, in whatever space you choose. 

This washed-out indigo hue speaks to our overwhelming need for calm during these turbulent times. Aleutian comes from a larger collection of colours, channeling soft neutrals and muted earthy-tones, which can be layered to add depth in any space. Colour enthusiasts will love Aleutian for its ability to pair well with almost anything, so you can decorate with the utmost confidence.

This rich, earthy shade reflects the overall trend of shifting towards a more neutral colour palette. On your walls, this soft, woodsy brown imparts a feeling of coziness, and will instantly add warmth to any space. Pair this shade with breezy neutrals to brighten things up, or if you want to lean into a more luxurious look, add a few pops of vibrant jewel tones.

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