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There’s no better feeling than sitting on your living room sofa, sipping on a fresh cup of coffee and reading your favorite magazine. Well, thanks to Empire’s newly released decor and lifestyle magazine, Everyday Beautiful, you now have one more reason to do just that. Our Everyday Beautiful magazine delivers the top design tips, the trendiest style guides to recreate, and the most delicious recipes to try. In this year’s edition, we explore the theme of “perspective,” inspired by our collective experiences and how the world has prompted us to re-examine our way of thinking. We hope this magazine shifts your mindset and allows you to reimagine how you want to live, starting right at home.

What to Expect

From designing spaces that meet your needs to discovering the power of biophillic design and immersing yourself in your community, our Everyday Beautiful magazine covers it all. Plus, treat family and friends to the ultimate brunch experience, with recipes from a culinary chef and professional mixologist.

We hope you carve out some time to nestle on the sofa, pour yourself a drink of choice, and get inspired while reading this year’s edition of Everyday Beautiful magazine.


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