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There’s no better feeling than sitting on your living room couch, sipping on a fresh cup of coffee and reading your favourite magazine. Well, thanks to Empire’s newly released decor and lifestyle magazine, Everyday Beautiful, you now have one more reason to do just that.


Everyday Beautiful is an annual magazine inspired by the content we share on our blog. It’s filled with home inspiration, decor, recipes and more (pretty much everything that you need). Through the stories and the people we’ve featured in this year’s issue, we look at how we can find purpose in the everyday — from being intentional with where and how we spend our time to how we design our homes. It was designed to be your companion as you reimagine how you want to live, starting right at home.

What to Expect

What makes this year’s edition so unique is not just the curated stories that are shared — the pages are also filled with QR codes from start to finish. Readers can simply scan the codes with their handheld devices and it’ll immediately direct them to more great content online. We’re talking videos, animated graphics and bonus content that’s completely exclusive to our site. We feature award-winning designers, culinary chefs and industry experts who bring you an inside scoop into their worlds.

The Interactive Experience

The name speaks for itself — the Interactive Experience is a platform unlike any other. It allows visitors to toggle between stories, watch videos on how to layer a room or bring a recipe to life, and buy products used in our model homes. It’s the complementary piece to our magazine, and it’s brand new to Everyday Beautiful this year.

Four Regions, Four Magazines

What you might not have realized about our Everyday Beautiful magazine is that we published four versions across the four regions that we build communities in. Ontario, Texas, Atlanta and North Carolina each have their own curated stories that we can’t wait to share with you. Not native to the region? Explore our regional editions of Everyday Beautiful anyway.

If you’re interested in a hard copy of our magazine, submit your request through the Everyday Beautiful Interactive Experience. Within a couple weeks, you’ll receive a hard copy in your home mailbox. Here, you can also subscribe to our blog for more design, homeownership and lifestyle content delivered straight to your inbox each month.


With that said, we hope you carve out some time to nestle on the couch, pour yourself a drink of choice and thoroughly enjoy reading this year’s edition of Everyday Beautiful magazine.


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