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Schools play a major role in the growth of your family, and are often one of the most important considerations when buying a new home. To help our Avalon homeowners navigate their way through their new school options, we’ve put together this handy guide on all things education. If you’re planning on visiting, which we highly recommend, use our handy map to plan your best route.

School Districts

Avalon falls under the Haldimand County district of the Grand Erie District School Board. Here’s everything you need to know about your school options, including size, extra curriculars and sports. Keep in mind this information is always changing and evolving from year to year, and it’s important to meet with prospective schools to get a sense of the atmosphere and educational experience they have to offer.

Elementary Schools

Seneca Central Public School
  • Address: 2767 Haldimand Rd 9
  • Phone: (905) 772-5222
  • Size: 140 students
  • Grade Range: JK – Grade 8
  • Distance from Avalon: 11-minute drive
  • Extra Curriculars: Minecraft Club, Random Subject Club, and You’re the Chef club.
  • French: Grade 4 and up
  • Sports: Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Track and Field
  • Full-Day Kindergarten: Yes
Caledonia Centennial Public School
  • Address: 110 Shetland St., Caledonia
  • Phone: (905) 765-4860
  • Size: 290
  • Grade Range: JK – Grade 8
  • Distance from Avalon: 6-minute drive
  • Extra Curriculars: Craft Club, Recycling Team, School Spirit, Student Council, Office Helpers, ‘Karma Chameleons’ Club
  • French: Caledonia Centennial is also the French immersion option for Avalon from JK to Grade 6 (as of next school year)
  • Sports: Cross Country, Orienteering, Soccer
  • Full-Day Kindergarten: Yes
River Heights Public School
  • Address: 37 Forfar St E, Caledonia
  • Phone: (905) 765-5437
  • Size: 600 students
  • Grade Range: JK – Grade 8
  • Distance from Avalon: 5-minute drive
  • Extra Curriculars: Air Band, Math Club
  • French: Grade 4 and up
  • Sports: Cross Country, Basketball, Soccer, Softball, Track and Field
  • Full-Day Kindergarten: Yes

Out of Area Education

‘Out of Area’ attendance is an option as well. This means that you choose to enroll your child in a school other than one in your Attendance Area Boundary. This can be for reasons of preference, location, convenience or services offered, as long as the rationale for the request is stated to the receiving school. Be sure to inquire about transportation options when opting for an ‘Out of Area’ school, as transportation may not be provided.

Catholic Schools

The Catholic School system is also an option. Avalon is part of the Brant Haldimand Norfolk Catholic District School Board and has two accessible options for Catholic School education.

Notre Dame Catholic School
  • Address: 35 Braemar Ave. Caledonia
  • Phone: (905) 765-0649
  • Size: 270
  • Grade Range: JK – Grade 8
  • Distance from Avalon: 8-minute drive
  • Extra Curriculars: Choir
  • French: Grade 4 and up
  • Sports: Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball etc.
  • Full-Day Kindergarten: Yes
St. Patrick’s Catholic School
  • Address: 81 Orkney Street East, Caledonia
  • Phone: (905)765-4626
  • Size: 150
  • Grade Range: JK – Grade 8
  • Distance from Avalon: 4-minute drive
  • Extra Curriculars: Choir, Various student-led organizations.
  • French: Grade 4 and up
  • Sports: Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Field Football, Soccer etc.
  • Full-Day Kindergarten: Yes

Secondary Schools

McKinnon Park Secondary School
  • Address: 91 Haddington Street, Caledonia
  • Phone: (905) 765-4466
  • Size: 830
  • Grade Range: Grade 9-12
  • Distance from Avalon: 6-minute drive
  • Extra Curriculars: Anime Club, Band, Book Club, Crime Stoppers, Eco Club, Reach For The Top, Recreational Badminton, safeTALK, Yearbook, Breakfast Nutrition Program, New York City and Europe Trip, Spanish
  • Programs: Arts, Business, Design & Tech, English and Languages, History & Social Science, Math, Music, Phys. Ed, Science
  • Sports: Basketball, Track & Field, Lacrosse, Hockey, Badminton, Soccer, Softball, Golf, Football, Hockey, Volleyball etc.
Cayuga Secondary School
  • Address: 70 Highway 54, Cayuga
  • Phone: (905) 772-3301
  • Size: 500
  • Grade Range: Grade 9-12
  • Distance from Avalon: 12-minute drive
  • Extra Curriculars: Book Club, Christian Fellowship, Drama, Band, Student Council, Christianity 101 course, International Student Exchange
  • Programs: Construction Technology; Co op, OYAP, AOYAP ; eLearning ; Electrical, Plumbing and Sheet Metal; Forest to Furniture ; Grade 10 Construction; Guidance & Student Services; Hair Styling and Aesthetics ; Manufacturing; Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) ; Transportation
  • Sports: Volleyball, Cross Country, Field Hockey, Football, Basketball, Golf, Tennis, Cheerleading, Badminton, Lacrosse, Rugby, Soccer, Softball, Powerlifting, Track and Field, Wrestling


In our experience nothing compares to an actual visit. Sometimes reports and stats don’t take into account the amazing teachers and staff or overall atmosphere of a school. At the end of the day different kids connect with different environments and what works for one family might be different for the next. Spend the time visiting, meeting and talking to families who already attend the school and use our info as a launching point to find the school that’s right for you.


Please note: this information is subject to change. Reference the school board’s website to ensure each school’s details are still up-to-date. 


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