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No matter how long you’ve been with your partner or how serious the two of you are, there’s a lot of pressure to make Valentine’s Day as memorable and romantic as possible. For most couples, that usually means a candlelit dinner at a fancy restaurant or a date night out, but this year, you may be looking for ways to reinvent the romantic wheel. Surprise your partner with a thoughtful Valentine’s Day that’ll have them on cloud nine from the moment they wake up (and earn you brownie points as a true romantic).

Before Your Partner Wakes Up: Have a Sweet Treat Ready

Valentine’s Day falls on the Family Day long weekend this year, which makes for the perfect opportunity to get up early and coordinate sweet surprises before your significant other wakes from their slumber. Place a box of chocolates, sweetheart candies, or even macaroons on their nightstand to ensure that their day starts on the sweetest note. It’s a small gesture that earns high points for thoughtfulness (plus, it’s delicious).
Interested in taking things to the next level? Go the extra mile and show off your baking skills with this cookie recipe that will have your loved one drooling.

For Their Morning Routine: Create a Personalized Playlist

Spice up your partner’s morning routine by pre-loading a playlist onto their phone (or whatever device they use to listen to music). Fill this playlist with songs that are significant to the two of you as well as some of their favourites. Be sure to leave a sticky note on the fridge or on the kitchen countertop so that they know to plug their phone in and get serenaded.

Listen To These Valentine-Themed Playlists For Inspiration

Valentine’s Day Love

Valentine’s Day Mixtape

Ultimate Love Songs

Empire’s Valentine’s Day Playlist

For a Mid-Day Pick-Me-Up: Surprise them with Flowers

A bouquet of flowers are a classic Valentine’s Day gift; this year, surprise your partner by arranging to have a bouquet delivered to their home or to their place of work (don’t forget to include a sweet message on the card). And for the lovers who find flowers to be cliché, why not try something a bit bolder instead — singing telegram, anyone?

To Start their Evening Off Right: Make their Favourite Meal

One of life’s simple pleasures is coming home to food on the table, especially when its been prepared by the person you love. Woo your partner by making their favourite meal, and don’t forget to set the stage for a romantic dinner — use your finest china, uncork your best wine, set candles on the table and have your personalized playlist playing softly in the background. If cooking isn’t your specialty, don’t let that deter you – we’ve got a twenty minute recipe for you that is just as easy as it is delicious.

Want to make sure that the night goes off without a hitch? Refer to our tips and tricks for hosting an intimate evening that will have your partner marvelling.

To Include Family in the Late-Night Fun: Watch a Movie

Make your night extra special by not only spending time with your significant other, but with your family as well. Cuddle up on the couch, make some popcorn (or whatever late-night snacks suit your fancy), and enjoy a movie night with those that matter most to you. If you’re looking for something more interactive, break out a classic board game like Monopoly from the cupboard or engage in a game of charades. Don’t let us stop you from creating your own game night ideas – the world is your oyster!

Wanting more inspiration for your family filled evening? Click here for 5 other ways you can celebrate.

To End the Day with a Sweet Sentiment: Create Something Together

Commemorate your Valentine’s Day by creating something together that you can look back on for years to come, like a scrapbook or a time capsule. Dig through photo albums (or if albums are a thing of Valentine’s Days past, why not invest in an Instax camera to add to the experience?) or print out a few of your favourite photos together, write down memories or messages and mix in anything else you can think of.

No matter which of these Valentine’s Day ideas you choose to use, remember that this holiday isn’t all about visiting fancy restaurants or coordinating grand declarations of love. What matters most is simply spending time with the person you love. Happy Valentine’s Day.


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