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Designing your entryway is a more important consideration than you might think. It’s your home’s first impression and it deserves your time and attention when it comes to design. Right now, your front entrance may be drowning in coats and piled up to the brim in footwear, or it’s totally bare. Don’t fret — we have seven tips that will transform your home entrance into the designer-worthy space of your dreams (and yes, they’re designer approved).

1. Balance Design & Function

Pictured: The Addison model at Empire Buckley in Buckhead, Atlanta

Your entryway is a great area to have some fun and make an impact, while still keeping the area functional for daily use. According to Empire’s Atlanta-based Director of Design, Courtney Rogers, incorporating an accent wall is one of her favourite ways to make a space ‘pop’. As well, placing a console table with decorative art and lamps helps to create a sense of ambience, while still allowing you somewhere to set things down as you enter your home.

2. Make it Unique to You

Pictured: The Wyndham model at Empire Massey in Fort Mill, South Carolina

Your entryway is the first impression that guests have when they enter your home, so make sure it shines. A beautiful light fixture, some inspiring artwork, or a stylish vignette all have a place in the entrance of your home. Nationally recognized designer, Andrew Pike, says to think about your entrance as the first opportunity to tell guests about your home — so, make it personal and unique to you.

3. Create a Focal Point with Mirrors

Pictured: The Honeysuckle model at Empire Avalon in Caledonia, Ontario

According to Andrew Pike, you should always have a mirror near the entrance of your home. When it comes to designing, incorporating something large and stylish is always his first choice to reflect the light and create a focal point. It provides a last-minute opportunity to make sure that you look fabulous before you leave the house, too.

4. When in Doubt, Add a Console

Pictured: The Madison model at Royal Oaks Landing in Houston, Texas

A console helps to ground the space, and provides a perfect place to catch your mail and keys so they don’t end up on the kitchen counter. Incorporating stylish accessories and some pretty greenery can help add some panache and a sense of freshness to the entire space.

5. Incorporate Seating

Pictured: The Sumac model at Empire Avalon in Caledonia, Ontario

Seating is a very popular and practical addition to your front entrance, provided you have the room for it. Whether it’s a bench or an ottoman, it’s helpful to have a designated area to put on shoes or a place to put down parcels and purses. It’s also used by many designers to add a more furnished feeling to the space.

6. Accessorize with Storage Baskets

Pictured: The Honeysuckle model at Empire Avalon in Caledonia, Ontario

Storage is an important consideration for anyone, but especially for those who have families. Furniture that provides a home for baskets to hide away belongings such as hats and scarves are extremely useful and stylishly conceal a ton of mess. Hooks on the wall also help keep frequently used coats, purses and pet leashes easily accessible to those who use them.

7. Pay Attention to the Details

Pictured: The Trenton model at Empire Harlow in Alpharetta, Atlanta

While your front foyer should be functional, it should also be warm and inviting. Incorporating accent cushions into your seating will help to soften the overall space, as will adding a mat at the front door. This will help keep dirt from getting tracked into your home and also soften the hardness of your floors. Above all, nothing says ‘welcome’ like plants or flowers, be it fresh or faux. According to Andrew Pike, even a simple single blossom or leaf in a tiny vessel shows that you’ve gone the extra mile to make your guests feel at home.

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