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Designing a new home is one of the greatest joys of the homebuying process, and the foundation of a well-designed space begins with a smart selection of hard finishes. At Empire Homebase, our team of designers are dedicated to ensuring that your home will be finished with impeccable detail and design features that match your unique style and needs. To speak more to how our team is here to help, we enlisted the help of Courtney Collins and Lindsey Wooten of the Homebase interior design team.

What Can I Expect when Choosing My Design Finishes?

Courtney Collins (CC): “We want the process of making design selections to be exciting, not stressful, and having the selections on-hand at Homebase for our homeowners to touch, see and feel helps lessen that pressure. That, and our in-house designers are always there to guide our homeowners through every choice, from cabinets to countertops and everything in between.”

What’s the Goal?

CC: “Our goal is always to provide carefully-curated selections in all of our homes. We want each homeowner to feel that their  tastes are reflected and that the selections provide a timeless yet unique backdrop for the homes.”

What’s Offered?

Lindsey Wooten (LW): “We offer a wide variety of floor tile, backsplash and countertop finishes, as well as metal finishes and cabinet stains. Our homeowners can mix-and-match between anything we offer, and are guided by one of our in-house designers who are up to date on all of the latest styles and trends in the industry.” Explore some of the finishes that we offer below.

Want to Learn More?

Explore the resources below to help you learn more about Empire Homebase and the talented team of designers that are here to help.

Meet the Empire Atlanta Design Team

Get to know the talented team of designers that make up our team, and who will be on-site at Homebase to guide you on choosing the right finishes for your home.

Learn More About Homebase

Homebase was designed to educate and inspire you on your homebuying journey in a bold new way. Click here to learn more about Empire Homebase, or click here to see a first look into our new state-of-the-art space.


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