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If you’re anything like us, you probably enjoy cozying up on your living room couch or lounging in bed — who doesn’t — but have you ever considered your backyard to be one of the best oases of all? The truth is that your backyard can be just as comfortable, welcoming and stylish as your home’s interior, especially if its equipped with the right essentials. The bonus is that it’s filled with fresh air and is surrounded by nature, too. Depending on what you enjoy or what you like to do, we’ve got backyard design ideas for you — everything from poolside design inspo to tips to set the mood. Make note of your favourites to recreate them all on your own.

For the Beach Bums

Teleport yourself to your favourite resort or to the beach every time you walk outdoors with this poolside display. Set up some lawn chairs and beachy umbrellas in your backyard to bring the vacation that you’ve been dreaming of to you.

For the Campers

If your backyard has plenty of space, set up a yurt. This multi-purpose space can be used for family camp-outs or to host guests, and can even be used as an entertainment space. They are much more insulted than tents, less permanent than a building and are cost effective too.

For the Avid Swimmers

Outdoor mudrooms are practical, stylish and easier to create than you might think. Secure a few hooks on the wall for towels and gear, set up some chairs for drying off and install a shower or changing room if you’d like to, too.

For the Workaholics

Tired of working from home within the same four walls? Switch up your office scenery by building a work station in your backyard instead. The space doesn’t have to be large at all — just big enough for a small table and chair where you can perch yourself all day long.

For the Couch Potato

Are you interested in a design that offers maximum comfort? Swing sofas are the addition that your backyard oasis needs. A perfect blend between sofas and hammocks, swing sofas are effective in leveling up your home’s exterior and providing a resting space that is just as beautiful as it is ultra-comfy.

For the Barbecue Lovers

There’s nothing wrong with cooking in your home kitchen, but there is something to be said about spending summer nights outdoors and barbecuing your favourite foods in the crisp fresh air. To make meal prepping even easier, set up a designated cooking station in the backyard for the whole family to enjoy.

For the Mixologists

If you’re looking for new ways to entertain outdoors, build an outdoor bar in your backyard. Make a statement by opting for stylish tiles or a mix of materials, or hang some lights above the countertop too. From morning to night, you and your guests will love spending time here — after all, it is 5 o’clock somewhere, right?

For the Entertainers

Extend your entertainment space into your backyard with a long table that offers plenty of space for guests to gather around. Spruce up the space with a few stylish chairs on each side and add in some freshly picked flowers for a sentimental touch.

For the Mood Setters

Whether you’re hosting a family dinner, relaxing outdoors or reading a novel on a summer night, set the mood with a fireplace. The addition will create a focal point in your backyard and will add a luxurious feeling to your home.

For more design inspiration, visit our design page.


All images courtesy of: Header Images (Pinterest); Images of Furniture & Utilities (Wayfair and Amazon).


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