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When mixologist Demario Wallace thinks of springtime, a bright, floral and refreshing gin cocktail with a dash of bubbly comes to mind. To celebrate warmer weather on its way, this cheerful cocktail recipe is full of late winter and early spring citrus. “The bright Italian aperitif, followed by the mid spring flowers of the gin tied together by the dry Spanish sherry makes for a dazzling springtime sipper,” says Wallace, who has led the bar program at Atlanta hot spots including Rina and Aziza and founder of the city’s cocktail delivery club, Social Civics. Among his vast repertoire of boozy recipes, Wallace created this light and fresh cocktail that captures the change of season beautifully.

What You’ll Need:

• 4-6 leaves of mint, plus one sprig for garnish
• 1 oz. of Italicus Rosolio Bergamotto
• 1 oz. of Lustau Manzanilla Sherry
• 1 oz. of Brooklyn Gin
• Your favorite sparkling water
• Lime wedge

What to Do:

1. Add 4 to 6 leaves of loose, spanked mint to the bottom of a glass.
2. Add spirits, starting with the Italicus followed by sherry and gin.
3. Add ice and stir for a few seconds with a long bar spoon.
4. Top with your favorite sparkling water and a mint sprig and lime wedge.

Not in a Bubbly Mood?

Just combine Spirits in a rocks glass, stir and garnish with mint and a lime peel for a bright negroni rift.

Meet Demario Wallace

Social Civics Cocktail Club is an Atlanta-based cocktail delivery service by local mixologist Demario Wallace that takes inspiration from the first African-American bartenders. Quench your thirst, get educated and give back with a portion of proceeds from every order on the evolving menu of cocktails, mixers and non-alcoholic beverages going to local non-profit organizations including Hands On Atlanta. Follow @demarioreshadwallace & @socialcivicscocktailclub on Instagram for cocktail how-to’s and seasonal recipes.

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