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This month, we collaborated with our designers to create a festive fall porch display. With the use of various color schemes, DIY decorations and a few simple tips and tricks, you’ll have your porch looking gourd-geous. Learn how you can display just a few bold elements on your front porch to really make it stand out. Discover some of our favorite decorating ideas to help you showcase your creativity this season.

Meet The Designers

Our designers Brittany and Julia spent the day decorating front porches at our Empire Swift community, while Lindsey and Liz decorated our Empire Buckley community. We challenged them to create an authentic fall design that our homeowners can easily recreate themselves. With a little imagination, they showed us how achievable these festive looks can be. Read on to see what they had to say about their designs and how you can replicate them on your own.


What was your inspiration behind the fall front porch designs and how do they differ?

“We wanted to create two spaces that were inviting but unique in their own way. One has traditional bright fall colors, while the other has a more neutral palette. The color schemes actually work really well with the interior of each model home — Empire Swift has more orange/rust colors, and Empire Buckley has more neutrals.”

What were the design goals that you were trying to achieve?

“We wanted to demonstrate that even a small space can be dressed up for the seasons. And as far as budget, we wanted to show that a little can go a long way in achieving these looks. Each home had a budget of around $250. We worked hard to make that budget spread as far as possible.”

Pictured: The Middleton model at Empire Swift.

How did you achieve the look that you wanted while staying within budget? Talk through your decorating process.

We started with a general plan for each space and determined what would be the main focal point. Once that was decided, we worked through the smaller details. There are always going to be things you want to splurge on, but having a plan in mind before you begin shopping can really keep your budget in line.” 

How can people use your ideas as inspiration and create something that reflects their personal style?

“Just like anything in design… if you love it, then that’s what matters. I would encourage purchasing items that you can build on each year. There may always be some live elements (pumpkins, Christmas trees, etc.) that you can’t re-use, but if you make smart purchases along the way, you can re-purpose those items and your budget will stretch further from year to year.”

Pictured: The Addison model at Empire Buckley.

Share some DIY decorating tips that make it easy for people to stay within budget.

“We took plain corn stalks and hand-selected additional faux florals to add to them. This is a great money-saver, and what started as a simple piece of seasonal décor has now been elevated to a custom-designed piece. We also lightly applied gold spray paint to some of the pumpkins. You can still see the natural color coming through, but the gold gives them a ‘subtle glow’.”

What are some quick decorating tricks that save you time and money?

“Consider purchasing items that can be used season-to-season. For example, in the fall, you could fill lanterns with small pumpkins. In the winter, you could fill those same lanterns with Christmas ornaments. Also, don’t be afraid to do-it-yourself — you’d be surprised how easy it can be to make a wreath, and there are plenty of YouTube or Pinterest tutorials that can help you along the way. A little bit of time and energy can be a big cost savings.”


For more inspiration, discover how you can cozy up your home for fall and enjoy our signature beverage once you’ve finished decorating.


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Liz, Nicole and Karla

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