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If there’s one thing that sets the buying new vs. resale debate apart it’s the ability to choose the features and finishes that suit your style and taste. From countertops to cabinets to bathrooms and flooring the selections are virtually endless and offer a wide array of choice. Sometimes all those options can be overwhelming, and we want to keep things clear and as simple as possible, so we have put together decor basics 101. Keep in mind that no two Empire projects are exactly alike, so you should ask your design consultant if there is any specific advice they can offer. The primary role of these professionals is to guide and assist you through the process of selecting your finishes, personalize your design experience, transform your living spaces, and help you bring your vision to life.

Empire’s High Standards

When you buy a new Empire home, rest assured you’re purchasing a beautifully designed home — our award-winning interior design teams take care of that. New homes at Empire are outfitted with contemporary, high-quality features and finishes that come standard, meaning they are included in the purchase price. To remind yourself exactly what’s included in your home, refer to the Feature Sheet in your sales package. It provides a comprehensive list of the essential details about your new home.

Leave Room For Upgrades

During the design process, you will have a chance to browse and purchase professionally-selected upgrade options which are signature design extras for your new home. For example, a freestanding tub, a spectacular fireplace or that coveted solid-surface countertop. Most homebuyers love upgrades and experienced new homebuyers will leave room in their home-buying budget to splurge on upgrades later. It’s a good idea to talk to your lender about an upgrade budget before your design appointment.

Scheduling Your Big Day

After you purchase your new home, our design team will contact you to set up your personal design appointment. A booking window is provided based on construction schedules. It is crucial to book your appointment in a timely manner in order to meet these timelines.

Be Prepared

Once you’ve selected your interior finishes, we go ahead and build your home. We’re here to help you every step of the way and include a personalized Design Information Package for to you take home. This package will provide all of the design specifics, so please review it closely.


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