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You’ve found your dream home, you’ve signed your name on the dotted line, and you’re counting the days until you can move into your new space. The only caveat — you’ve got quite a bit of packing up to do before then. A shift towards minimalism has taken hold in recent years, but depending on what stage of life you’re in and how long you’ve lived in your current home, you’ve probably amassed quite the amount of stuff. And while moving is quite taxing, it also presents a great opportunity to evaluate everything you have and determine what brings value into your life and what’s worth letting go of. Read on for our guide on decluttering before moving into your new home.

What to Declutter 3-4 Months Before Moving

If our basements seemed like a scary place to us as kids, then there’s perhaps nowhere more terrifying when it comes to decluttering our homes as adults. Our basements, garages and sheds are where most of us store items we don’t need on a regular basis, and clearing them out is a big first step towards decluttering our homes. Given that we don’t use the goods in our storage spots often, they should be the easiest to let go of, and the extra space you’ll free up will come in handy when packing up more things closer to your moving date.

Start by decluttering rarely used or forgotten:

  • Garden supplies, and seasonal items or decorations
  • Sports equipment and camping gear
  • Toys, board games, books and craft supplies
  • Old paperwork, photos or keepsakes

What to Declutter 1-2 Months Before Moving

You’ve decluttered the most clutter-prone spaces in your home and are feeling pretty good about it — so keep it up! With your moving date drawing nearer, it’s time to be a bit more ruthless with what you purge. And should you need a pick-me-up, remember: the more you’re able to let go of, the greater the opportunity you’ll have to start fresh in a new space. Plus, you’ll save a few extra dollars in paying a moving company, since you’ll have less stuff to bring with you.

Now’s the time to start working through:

  • Old kitchen appliances and gadgets
  • Tools, electronics and other equipment
  • Children’s toys, clothes and supplies
  • Decor, furniture and knickknacks
  • Old clothing and shoes

What to Declutter 1-2 Weeks Before Moving

The home stretch is in sight, and you’re no doubt feeling excited with only a few weeks left before your big move. You’ve made so much progress already, so be sure not to stop now — get through this last wave of decluttering to give yourself less to unpack as you settle into your new home.

Now’s the time to sort through:

  • Plates, cups, bowls and silverware (keep one out per family member, or temporarily switch to disposable products)
  • Pots and pans (keep out only what you need)
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Bedding and other household linens, including towels and dishcloths

In need of a little extra help?

Explore these professional decluttering services.

Declutter It
Urge to Purge
Clutter Relief

Moving into a new home takes time, but we’re here to help. Explore our ultimate moving guide and be sure to read our guide on choosing the right lighting for your home, five clever ideas to maximize storage space in your garage, and how you can create a kid-friendly home with style.


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