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While your home is under construction and gets closer to its completion we understand how exciting the entire process can be. It’s natural for you to want to visit your home regularly and witness first-hand the evolution of your home under construction. While we can appreciate your desire to stay close, it’s our job as your homebuilder to ensure that you and your community are as safe as possible. Please read through our guidelines around site visits and site safety.

Site visits are only permitted when accompanied by an Empire representative. We provide two pre-scheduled opportunities for you to visit your home; frame walk and homeowner orientation. Closed toe shoes and hard hats (provided by Empire) are mandatory on these visits. Please note children under the age of 16 are not permitted on site at any time.

Our team is committed to providing frequent progress updates with photos and reports from our site team. These will often be emailed directly to you and will live permanently on our Empire Blog.

If you have specific questions regarding your home our Customer Care team is always ready to help at 1-866-683-5556.


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