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We’re all reliant on tech, now more than ever. Think about it — we depend on it to tell us the weather forecast, to help us keep track of how long our food has been in the oven, to make phone calls from the car, or blast our favorite song from our soundbar. With smart technologies at the forefront of many parts of our day, we connected with the experts at HomePro to give us the latest on which tech upgrades are worth incorporating into your new home with Empire.

With more people turning to streaming services like Netflix and Hulu for entertainment, as well as many of us working from home, our priorities concerning tech have changed. As Vanessa Smith of the HomePro team explains, “while home protection has been and still is among the top considerations when it comes to smart home features, the stability, coverage and speed of people’s networks are just as important.” With HomePro, you can upgrade your home with a structured wiring system that streams and distributes various data signals throughout your home with ease, creating optimal network strength in frequently-used spaces like Empire’s zoom rooms. Some of the most-popular services we’re seeing homeowners opt for include:


  • Smart home systems that interact with alarms, lights, locks, temperature controls, etc.
  • Wireless access points
  • Surveillance and doorbell cameras
  • Central vacuum systems
  • Surround-sound theater systems
  • Whole-home audio systems and media streamers

Tech has shaped how we live and what we expect of our homes. From automatic lighting and video doorbells that alert you when a package is delivered to outdoor cameras, we’ve all grown accustomed to having these technologies in our homes. When you purchase a new home with Empire, you get access to all these tech upgrades and more provided by HomePro. The benefit? A seamless living experience.

From home protection items like cameras, monitored alarm systems and video doorbells to the fun stuff like surround sound, distributed audio and HD projectors that make for a movie theater experience, HomePro offers it all. Here’s Vanessa’s opinion on what you should allocate dollars to:


  • For the budget-conscious: Prewire to support a strong WiFi network. “There are a lot of wireless options for home protection, audio and video, but if you don’t have a strong network, these devices won’t perform well,” she says. According to Vanessa, surveillance cameras are also a great place to start if you’re looking to focus on one area.
  • For those with a bigger budget: Prewire for cameras or surround sound. “We have media and theater packages available to bring your at-home entertainment dreams to life,” says Vanessa. “You can also have a central vacuum system installed to make cleaning more convenient.”

About HomePro x Empire

HomePro is a Texas-based company which provides home security, entertainment and automation services. Working in collaboration with Empire Communities, their team is responsible for the installation and setup of smart technologies in your new home.


“We always start with the design of the tech infrastructure to make sure it complements how you live. Then, we start dreaming about the fun stuff,” says Vanessa. “Our team will customize your settings and programming just how you like, and make sure you have all the required applications to ensure you and your home are set up for success.”


Just bought a new home in Houston with Empire? Visit HomePro’s showroom at 10110 W Sam Houston Pkwy N to see what smart technology upgrades are available to you or get in touch with a member of their team.


Next, learn more about Empire’s stages of construction in Texas and what you need to know about our homebuying process.


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