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When it comes to decorating, black has a bit of a bad reputation. The shade is often perceived as being dark, depressing and dull when the opposite is actually true — black is dramatic, stylish and grounding, making it a must-have in every interior space. Its limitless versatility makes it a design favourite whether used as an accent or a statement-making hue. If you’re looking to welcome this authoritative colour into your own space, draw inspiration from our model homes in Thorold, Breslau, and Atlanta.

Decorating with Black

If nothing else, use black as your go-to accent colour in every room of the home. Black can help pull a room together, add contrast without clashing and give the eye a place to rest. Using small doses of black repeatedly throughout a space will ensure that it feels unified; accents like black picture frames, textiles and vases are all that’s needed to make a room feel cohesive and stylish.


Design tip: When decorating with black, play with pattern and scale to boost visual interest and add depth and dimension.

Linear patterns invigorate this master bedroom in Atlanta.

Black as the Accent Colour

Black works well with any colour palette, making it a top choice for an accent hue. Pair it with bold pops of colour and warm metals to punch up a space, or tone it down with other subdued neutrals.

Lush velvet drapes create a dramatic focal point in this Riverland master ensuite. To create the illusion of higher ceilings, hang drapes closer to the ceiling.

Black imparts a bold yet balanced look in this Calderwood living room.

Black as a Hero Hue

When it comes to black, a little goes a long way. A few drops of paint can rejuvenate a tired space, call attention to architectural details, heighten contrast or add intrigue. This commanding hue rewards boldness, so don’t be afraid to get your paint brush wet.

A charcoal wall sets a serious tone for this study space at Legacy.

An all-black accent wall and fireplace pops against the neutral walls in this Calderwood living room.

Hexagonal tiling offset by metallic grout makes for a dramatic shower moment at Riverland.

Black as a Statement

If you can’t resist having a little drama in your space, then don’t shy away from using black as your statement shade. Draw inspiration from our Hollywood Glamour model home in Breslau, and create a cocooning bedroom space or eye-catching kitchen by using black boldly.

Design tip: To keep rooms from reading too dark, offset black with bright accent colours or crisp whites.

Cool and sophisticated, this kitchen is the true heart of the home with black cabinets, appliances, lighting, and accessories.


Next, discover 4 ways to style your fireplace and mantel like a designer, and how to give your bathroom the refresh it deserves.



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