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Every second Monday in February, Ontarians take a day from school and work to spend time with their loved ones on Family Day. While this Family Day long weekend may look different than years past, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be a day well-spent making memories with those inside your bubble. 


Read on for five ideas to make your own Family Day fun at home this year.

Host an Epic Game Night

Nothing says family fun like a good old-fashioned game night. Dust off familiar favourites like Monopoly, or opt for something new and noteworthy you’ve been itching to try. The key to a good game night is variety, so be sure to include a combination of card games, board games and cult classics like charades. 

Get Crafty

For families craving a little creativity, opt for a fun DIY project. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely craft like creating your own wall art or planting a succulent terrarium or want to take things to the next level with a home improvement project, the possibilities (and good times) are endless. 

Go on a Living Room Picnic

Take your Family Day meal to the next level by staging an indoor picnic. Place a duvet or a mattress on the floor, cover it with some blankets and add pillows for comfort to set the mood. As a family, pack your “basket” with finger foods, sandwiches, lemonade, and other picnic-oriented dishes. Put on some light nature music in the background for added ambiance.

Take it Outside

For those longing for fresh air, embrace all the season has to offer with a day of outdoor fun in the backyard. Family members of all ages will love building a snowman or snow fort, having an outdoor bonfire complete with hot cocoa, or duking it out with a friendly snowball fight. 

Go on a Virtual Day Trip

While we may not be able to physically travel very far this Family Day, you can turn on your computer and instantly be transported to places near and far. From exploring all Canada has to offer, to taking a ride on your favourite rollercoaster, or even walking around The White House, there’s no shortage of virtual day trips for you and your family to enjoy this long weekend.

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