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We’re excited to share that the construction of our Empire Canals community in Welland is well underway, with Phase 1 approximately 30% complete.

On Forks Road, 50% of the homes are at the drywall stage, with exterior cladding set to start soon. About 5% of homes on Aviron Cres are through the framing stage, while 5% of the homes are currently backfilled. Majority of homes on Stern Drive are through the framing stage, with all homes excavated and backfilled.


About half of the homes on Downriver Drive are being shingled, with windows in progress and interiors at the mechanical rough-in stage. All homes are currently at the foundation stage on Rudder Road. On Keelson Street, 60% of the homes are at the framing stage and all blocks of towns are backfilled. On Rowlock Street, 2 blocks of towns are currently at the foundation stage, and 15% of homes on Eastbridge Ave. are at the foundation stage. All homes on Eastbridge Ave. and Starboard Cres. have outside drains complete.

As the weather warms up, we’re excited to announce that sidewalks, curbs, sod, and driveways will commence in spring 2023. Stay tuned for more updates on the progress of Empire Canals as we see this beautiful new community in Welland come to life.


Interested in moving to Canals? Contact us at homehunt@empirecommunities.com for more information.


Next, discover 5 reasons why you’ll love living at Empire Canals and things to do in the great Niagara outdoors.


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