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The proud Atlanta residents gives us a look inside their family’s boho- and Scandinavian-inspired home and shares how design and location won them over.

When Kirk Brown and his wife Shanice purchased a home at Empire’s Swift community in Grant Park/Boulevard Heights, they immediately knew they had found the one. Whether they’re watching their baby girl, Tatum, run around the Pavillion green or spending quality time together in the heart of their home, the Brown family finds new reasons to love their vibrant community and picturesque townhome every day.

Tell us a bit about you and your family.
“I’m a proud graduate of Georgia State University and an active member of the Atlanta community, where I co-founded the Emerging 100 of Atlanta in 2010. I’m also a 15-year member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and a new member of the 100 Black Men of Atlanta. My beautiful wife, Shanice, and I have been married since March 2017 and we have a spunky little girl, Tatum, who turned one in September. Professionally, I lead the fundraising and partnerships strategy as chief development and communications officer for the dopest school in the world — the Ron Clark Academy.”

When did you move into your Empire home?
“We closed on our Empire Swift home in December 2018 but didn’t officially finish moving in until January 2019.”

What drew you to this specific home design?
“We walked in and immediately felt this was the one. The open-concept design, large living room, and massive kitchen island were a few features that initially drew me in. The spacious owner’s suite and resort-style shower sealed the deal for Shanice.”

Tell us about what it’s like living in your community and the Grant Park/Boulevard Heights neighborhood?
“The Swift is a pretty fun place to live. Here, you can find a diverse mix of people who really go out of their way to build a beautiful and connected community. You can always find someone walking their dog (there’s a lot of ‘em), going for a stroll with their kids or hanging out by the green at the Pavillion enjoying the fresh air (this is one of Tatum’s favorite activities). Once the BeltLine Southside Trail is complete and the Spur Trail is connected to our neighborhood, that will be a major bonus. We love the fact that it feels like a small community within the big city. Grant Park/Boulevard Heights is off the main road’s hustle and bustle, but still has easy access to all of our favorite hot spots, like the Beacon, Madison Yards and Vickery’s in Glenwood Park.”

How would you describe the design style of your home?
“Our design style is a mix of minimalist, boho, and Scandinavian, with modern touches throughout. It may seem like a lot, but it comes together in its own unique way.”

What room is the heart of your home and why?
“The heart of our home is the living room. It’s where we spend all of our time as a family, watching Netflix, reading books, playing with Tatum and entertaining friends. It’s open and spacious yet still feels cozy and warm.”


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