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Decorating a small space can certainly feel like a daunting task. Ensuring that you’re able to fit in everything you need and make your home a well-designed abode can be even more of a challenge, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. In fact, decorating smaller spaces are often the most fun, and the clever tricks you’ll use to beautify your home look makes the process all the more rewarding in the end. Discover five of our best small space design ideas that’ll boost your home’s style without compromising on functionality.

1. Take Advantage of Vertical Space

The most functional small spaces all have this in common: they make good use of their vertical real estate, whether for decoration or to increase storage space. This condo bedroom is a great example of vertical space done right, with a gallery wall that boost’s the room’s visual appeal and a pair of sconces on either side of the bed that keeps the room well-lit without sacrificing floor space to a lamp.

2. Don’t Shy Away from High-Shine Finishes and Dark Colours

Using dark colours or high-shine pieces in a small space is often thought of as a design faux pas, when in reality, they’re perfectly suited to smaller homes. Lacquered walls, glossy tiles and mirrored furniture bounce more light than matte furniture, making the room feel airier. And as for dark colours, they’re great for imparting a high-impact look and help ground a space.

3. Have Statement Lighting in Every Room

Want to make your space feel memorable? Look to a beautiful chandelier, pendant, flush mount or sconce. Lighting is the jewellery of a room and one of the most effective ways to give a small space a big design moment. Be sure not to neglect smaller spaces, either — rooms like a bathroom or laundry room greatly benefit from good lighting.

4. Make Every Wall Count

Much like how you should take advantage of vertical space in a home, be sure not to neglect long stretches of wall space. In this entryway, a narrow console table adds storage and functionality, while also creating another design opportunity. For an extra hit of interest and dimension, paint your walls in contrasting colours or add statement wallpaper.

5. Leave Room for Dramatic Design Moments

In smaller spaces, artwork and accents are often an afterthought to larger furniture pieces — but they shouldn’t be. No matter how small a space is, a room can always benefit from decor. Open shelving provides a great opportunity for display, while large artwork can add a high dose of personality to a space.


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