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If you’re reading this, it’s probably safe to assume that you love coffee. I mean, what would mornings really be like if we didn’t have our caffeine pick-me-up freshly brewed and ready for us to enjoy? If you’ve ventured around the city trying out new coffee spots before, you’ve stumbled across the right article. We’re rounding up some of our favorite places to visit for a cold or hot beverage near our communities.

1. Perc Coffee

3-minute drive from Empire Paintbox


Perc is home to some insanely good coffee. When customers walk through their doors, they choose their own coffee adventure by selecting one of two single origin coffees. From there, coffee lovers have the chance to spruce things up as much as they’d like. They can opt for traditional menu offerings, coffee cocktails or fun seasonal drinks. Stop by for some delicious culinary treats to pair with your morning coffee, or just to enjoy their lively and energetic atmosphere.

2. Little Tart Bakeshop

2-minute drive from Empire Lovetree


If you’re looking for a local flair, Little Tart Bakeshop is a place you’ll want to visit. What started in 2010 as a booth at Atlanta’s farmers’ markets has since turned into its own brick and mortar shop. The difference of buying your cup of joe here over any other place is their emphasis on local, quality ingredients. Farmers, jam makers, beekeepers, cheese makers and butchers have each played a role in making Little Tart what it is today.

3. Valor Coffee

8-minute drive from Empire Harlow


At Valor, the barista isn’t just “the person that makes your coffee”, they’re your friend. Their café seats 25 people at a time, has some groovin’ good tunes, and boasts a staff that smiles all the time because they genuinely love what they do. They have an assortment of healthy breakfast options as well, from wraps to burritos and toast too. During the day, the have a very social scene so feel free to visit for a beverage, a chat or to make a new friend or two.

4. Brash Coffee

20-minute drive from Empire Buckley


If you’re a coffee connoisseur, Brash Coffee is a must-try. Not only do they believe in “meticulously procuring, roasting and preparing coffee”, but they team up with farmers to source only the highest quality coffee beans. Take a visit to this one-of-a-kind community of farmers, roasters and baristas and share your love of coffee. It’s not just welcomed, it’s encouraged.

Looking for more places to explore in the Atlanta region? Take your coffee to go and visit our favorite local shops, or grab some lunch to re-fuel at these 6 barbecue spots.


Photos courtesy of: Perc Coffee (Per Coffee); Atlanta Magazine (Java Cats); Atlanta Coffee Shops (The Little Tart Bakeshop and Valor Coffee); Brash Coffee (Brash Coffee).


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