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Without a doubt, moving into a new home is an exciting venture. If we’re fortunate, we spend our lives ‘moving up’ into better neighbourhoods and homes big enough to accommodate each child having their own bedroom, a large yard for the dog to run around in, and a kitchen grand enough to host large gatherings with our friends and family. As time passes, we grow accustomed to our particular way of living, so that when we reach the point in our lives when it’s time to consider downsizing, we’re often unsure of how to do so — or if we want to. Since our homes are a source of pride, it can be hard to recognize that we’ve outgrown the lives we set up for ourselves in our younger days, or that the space we raised our children in no longer works for us. If you’re finding that maintaining your home is becoming increasingly more time-consuming and expensive, or is no longer suited to changing physical needs, then downsizing to a condo could be the perfect solution.

Read on to discover five benefits of downsizing from a home to a condo like Empire Maven

You Can Continue Living in a Convenient & Desirable Location

Downsizing doesn’t have to mean compromising on the local conveniences that you’ve grown accustomed to in your neighbourhood — and in fact, one of the greatest advantages to living in a condo is that they offer the opportunity to live in the heart of your city or community without having to lose quick access to dining, entertainment, shopping and transport. Our Empire Maven condos are the perfect example: located in the prime Avenue and Lawerence area of Toronto, Maven is a great option for those who want a boutique residence that is well-suited to their lifestyle while still having access to a community rich in character and convenience.

Relish the Ease of Less Maintenance and Increased Home Security

One of the greatest advantages of condo living is the freedom you’ll gain with less cleaning to do and no exterior maintenance work. Dusting, vacuuming, shovelling snow and mowing the lawn are all time-consuming tasks that require a lot of energy and can become taxing on the body with age. With a condo property, you can spend less time worrying about routine chores and instead indulge in increased leisure time to read, socialize or enjoy resident-only amenities.

Likewise, downsizing to a condo means having the benefit of round-the-clock camera and concierge service, which affords greater peace of mind for those who live alone or those who enjoy travelling for extended periods of time.

Neighbours Are Also a Built-in Network of Friends

Compared to a low-rise neighbourhood, dwelling in a condo can help bring neighbours closer together and foster a stronger sense of community. Whether you get to know your fellow Mavens after passing them in the hall or while socializing in the residence’s communal amenity spaces, you’re sure to forge stronger bonds with those you share the building with. And with residents living closer together, it’s also easier to seek help in the event of an emergency.

Enjoy Condo Amenities as an Extension of Your Suite

While downsizing means you’ll be losing square footage, you’ll be gaining a whole crop of high-class amenities without the worry of maintaining them. At Maven, you can indulge al fresco on the rooftop patio, which is complete with lush landscaping and intimate seating arrangements; entertain with ease in the contemporary social room that’s equipped with a kitchen and lounge; or stay sharp in the gym, which features cutting-edge fitness equipment. And for when guests come to visit, you can rest assured that their every need has been considered with luxe, hotel-like visitor suites.

They Give You an Opportunity to Declutter

Excess space in our homes are often used for storage, so when the time comes to downsize, we rediscover a lot of things we no longer use. Downsizing encourages us to consider what we truly want and need, as chances are not everything you currently own will be able to fit into your new home. Consider the scale of pieces you’re welcoming into your new space, as a space that functions better will make your life easier and facilitate greater interaction when loved ones come to visit.

Designed to enrich the lifestyles of the discerning Avenue Road resident, the Empire Maven name will signal an enviable choice and speak to the evolving definitions of luxury and the unique tastes of its clientele. Visit our website to learn more about Maven.


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