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Purchasing your first home is definitely one of life’s major milestones, but there’s a lot more to adulting than just paying a mortgage. To help millennials and soon-to-be homebuyers on the path of becoming adults, we’ve launched our #EmpireAdulting event and video series this summer, to show you how to #adult in style and let aspiring adults know their not alone as they try and figure it all out.


Today, we take a look behind the scenes in this new backstage video put together by our talented partners to launch our new condos at Empire Phoenix.

Fun facts:

  • The commercials were shot at the end of winter so the views were replaced with a summer setting.
  • Charles, the original dog in one of the commercials, got sick on the shoot day so he was replaced by Romeo, the french bulldog you can see in the final video. Turns out he was a very talented addition to the cast.
  • The actors playing the parents in the dinner scene are a couple in real life and they’ve been married for more than 15 years.
  • At the casting, main actors were required to act out their best “proud” pose, which you’ll see at the end of each video. Most of them got their parts based on that performance.
  • Carina, the actress in wearing the earphones and stopping to pet the puppy, originally attended the casting for Empire Maverick, another new Empire Communities condo.
  • The whole shoot took 3 days, 1 per commercial.
  • The same apartment was used for the 3 commercials, which was located in Empire Rain & Senses community in Oakville. Production designers had to stage and decorate them differently for each one.


Haven’t watched the original videos? Check them now.


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Liz, Nicole and Karla

New Home Specialists


Liz, Nicole and Karla

New Home Specialists


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