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With the weather warming up, we’re excited to share the many new developments at Empire Avalon. In Phase 6, approximately 60% of homes are currently under construction. Lots 1-4 on Whithorn Crescent, as well as lots 21-31 and 58-76 on Hawick Crescent have had their foundations backfilled and awaiting framing. Electrical and mechanical rough ins for lots 15-20 on Whithorn Crescent and lots 106, 107, and 109-113 on Ellis Avenue are being installed, with cladding underway as well. 

Currently, excavation is set to begin on Lots 32-57 and 77-87 of Hawick Crescent, and framing has begun on lot 88 of Hawick Crescent and lots 103-105 of Ellis Avenue. Lots 90-101 and 108 on Ellis Avenue and Owl Lane have been insulated and drywalled, with finishings and cladding underway. Lots 114-119 and 121-123 on Whithorn Crescent and lot 136 on Carrie Crescent are in the process of receiving mechanical rough ins. Lot 124 on Whithorn Crescent has been insulated and drywalled with finishings underway, and lots 125-127 have their mechanical rough ins complete and are awaiting stairs. Lots 128-133, 135 and 136-143 on Carrie Crescent are in the finishing stage with cladding underway. Lots 144-159 on Rebecca Way and Carrie Crescent are in the framing stage. 


In Phase 3B, approximately 15% of homes are under construction. Excavation has begun on lots 120-130 on Santos Drive, with lots 92-97 and 98-108 in the foundation stage. Construction is nearing completion in Phase 5, with 100% of homes under construction, and 90% of homes set to be closed by the end of May. 

Lots 90-113 on Malcolm Crescent, 120-131 on Whithorn Crescent, 41-53 on Lillian Way and 71-83 on Lise Lane are currently receiving exterior brick and siding. Lots 41-53 on Lillian Way and 71-83 on Lise Lane have their interior finishes complete, while lots 90-113 on Malcolm Crescent and 120-131 on Whithorn Crescent are still progressing with their interior finishes. We’re happy to share that lots 1-7 on Oaktree Drive, 8-24 on Richard William Drive, 25-26, 54-57, 84-89, 114-119 and 132-157 on Rainbow Drive, 27-40 on Lillian Way, and 58-70 on Lise Lane are completed and closed.Grading curbs and sidewalks, as well as sodding is set to begin in the spring for this phase. 

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In light of the COVID-19 situation, Empire is taking extra precautions for the health and safety of our team members, homeowners, customers and vendor/trade partners. Our construction sites remain open and we are doing our part to maintain physical distancing through modified scheduling and staffing. We are diligently monitoring the situation and will provide further updates as they become available and as they pertain to your closing date. We thank you and wish you and your loved ones health and safety. 


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Liz, Nicole and Karla

New Home Specialists


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