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At Empire, we pride ourselves on selecting the best locations to build our new communities, and we’re excited to bring new home buying opportunities to some of the most in-demand Intown Atlanta neighborhoods. We’re also proud to have a solid team of industry professionals who are here to help you understand the new home process and what’s happening in the industry. Get to know some of our Empire experts and learn more about your new home options. 

Adrianna Angelone, Intown Sales Consultant:

“2020 started off with a surge in activity as Atlantans, more than ever, are needing a comfortable place to call home. Buyers are realizing that homeownership is attainable because of incredibly low rates and flexible mortgage programs. On the other hand, Atlanta’s rental prices have been substantially increasing over the past few years, especially Intown. It’s great to be able to show buyers that they can actually own an asset for the same price or less than what they’ve been paying for rent.” 


Caroline Simmel, SVP of Sales & Marketing:

“Agreed, and there are a few key drivers that are propelling this change. First is the Atlanta BeltLine, which is driving the new ‘urbanism’ of Atlanta, and second is the increasing growth of the millennial generation in the homebuying space. Although ‘late’ to the homebuying market, we’re witnessing seismic shifts in terms of buying activity among the millennial generation. Their increased presence in the market means that new home construction is now geared toward accommodating them, with more diverse housing options that fit seamlessly into low-rise walkable neighborhoods.”


Patricia Murray, Mortgage Loan Officer, Element Funding:

“Millennials are definitely making an impact in the ownership versus rental world, as they’re more interested in owning. The Intown market plays right into what they’re looking for, which includes the ability to walk to work or have public transportation nearby. Mixed-use developments are becoming more and more attractive.”

A. Angelone:

“There are so many, but the biggest benefit to buying is being able to take advantage of the low rates and prices right now. Atlanta, especially Intown, is positioned to be the most desirable real estate in the entire region. Buying locks in your monthly investment and allows you to live in a thriving, developing area. On top of that, buyers will be building equity versus ‘throwing money away’.”



P. Murray:

“Exactly — financially, Atlanta buyers will quickly build wealth when they purchase versus continuing to rent. They build equity in their property and they can borrow against it in the future if needed, along with cash flow savings in many cases from having lower monthly payments. Often, the mortgage payment is close to, if not less, than what they’re paying in rent. Other benefits to buying include stability, financial predictability and the freedom that comes with ownership including renovations and owning a pet.”

C. Simmel:

“The Atlanta BeltLine connects neighborhoods throughout our urban core. This former railway corridor is under development in stages as a multi-use trail that’s designed to improve transportation, add green space and promote re-development. It has completely transformed the way the city is connected.”


A. Angelone:

“Agreed. The BeltLine has been the single most impactful project I’ve ever seen in Atlanta, especially for real estate. Neighborhoods that were once considered truly undesirable are seeing an amazing resurgence. It’s brought huge investment into the area and with that, commercial and residential developers are now working together to simultaneously shape the face of Intown Atlanta for the better.”


P. Murray:

“Most importantly, the people that live in these areas are committed to keeping the character of the neighborhoods alive and well. Community associations are mindful of what is coming in so that the creativity of our local merchants and restaurants remain in-tact.”


A. Angelone:

“Living, working and playing in the city has never been easier or safer. The trail’s connectivity allows locals to utilize transit and trail to do everything all in the same vicinity. Atlanta has seen a unifying endeavor to make the cost of living downtown something everyone can afford.”

A. Angelone:

“Homebuying has been evolving into a more technology-driven process for several years now. Homebuyers can start their searches online with virtual tours or 3D imagery, then they can research countless websites for information that normally wouldn’t be available to the general public. Everything from school ratings, demographics, neighborhood attractions  — all of this information is just a click away. Buyers with busy schedules can  do business in a more time-effective way.”


P. Murray:

“The good thing now is that professionals in the real estate market — including builders, realtors, lenders, mortgage professionals and consultants — almost all have a social media presence and are equipped to engage prospects virtually through Facebook live sessions, webinars or other video conference apps. They’re easy to use and are at no cost to the potential homebuyer.”


Chad Donald, Intown Sales Consultant:

“Each of our Empire communities  have a website with resources that include Online Sales Consultants  (OSC’s) who can help you navigate various digital tools; online virtual tools of the homes; interactive site maps and more. Whether engaging  via BombBomb, Whereby, Zoom, Skype or another virtual platform, buyers now have remote access to sales agents, lenders, builders, coordinators and more. Accessibility to virtual walks through the neighborhood, open houses and interactive tours are a huge asset to buyers relocating from out of state, or those in state looking to maximize opportunities outside of a typical workday structure. A new home purchase can happen remotely anytime, anywhere and anyway possible by using the latest virtual selling tools. To learn more about the virtual platforms offered, just contact our Online Sales Consultants.”


C. Simmel:

“We’ve had these tools in place for years, but as a result of the pandemic, we’ve learned to leverage them even more in addition to creating more robust platforms. Moving forward, we’re going to continue to use these tools to provide more content and a more robust online experience.”


P. Murray:

“And buyers — especially millennials — will expect to have information readily available at their fingertips, whether it be from a mobile app, or a link that lets them view a property virtually or get financing information quickly.”


C. Simmel:

“Do your research — knowledge is power. Especially for first-time buyers, having a good understanding of your lifestyle and how you intend to use your home will help you make the best choice in your investment.”


P. Murray:

“Agreed. It’s worth your time to seek out information. Barriers to enter the market are being overcome, making homeownership more affordable and attainable with low interest rates, multiple loan programs, new construction housing options, and increasing demand.”


C. Donald:

“Homebuyers should also anticipate that a downpayment is required by most lenders. While it’s common to put 20% down on a home, our sales team has partnered with lenders who will help you map out the best financial strategy toward purchasing your new home.”


A. Angelone:

“For our move-up buyers and our downsizers, focus on lifestyle; there’s been a shift in the idea that having the biggest home with the biggest yard is what matters most. Having a home that has useful, well-designed spaces creates a much more livable home, giving you more time to get out and enjoy what’s best about Atlanta.”




If you’re thinking of purchasing a new home in Atlanta, now is the time. Learn more about Empire’s upcoming Intown communities at empireatlanta.com, and be sure to explore our four new exciting communities: Paintbox in Kirkwood, Crosby in West Midtown, the Swift in Grant Park and 4Forty4 in Old Fourth Ward.

Meet our Experts:

Adrianna Angelone

Adrianna is one of Empire Atlanta’s sales consultants, with a focus on homes in our Intown market. She is a licensed real estate broker and has been selling new construction in metro Atlanta for over 20 years.

Chad Donald

Chad Donald has been in new home sales for over 17 years, with combined experience in management, sales, training, marketing and interior design. He has been recognized as a multi-million dollar Top Sales Producer for numerous years and is serving as a Sales Consultant for Empire Atlanta’s Intown communities.

Caroline Simmel

Caroline serves as SVP of Sales & Marketing for Empire Atlanta, with a focus on creating the culture and business practices needed to deliver well-built, purposeful homes and establish the company as a placemaker and lifestyle curator. Caroline is responsible for the strategic direction and management of Empire’s sales, marketing and design teams with an emphasis on driving revenue growth and profitability.

Patty Murray

As a Sales Leader with Element Funding, Patty has the pleasure of leading a team of mortgage loan officers who help people get into the homes of their dreams. With over 20 years of sales and leadership experience in the financial industry, Patty has been recognized as a driven, collaborative leader and personable key contributor.  The customer’s ultimate satisfaction is very important to her as she assists customers by providing fast approvals, competitive rates and a smooth home financing experience.


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