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One of the best parts of being a homeowner is being able to design your house, your way. Your furniture should speak to your design style, your artwork should nod to where you draw inspiration from, and your home as a whole should be a reflection of you. Forget the white-coloured walls and the minimalist approach to design — I mean, that’s always been our go-to — but this year, we think it’s time to try out something new. This is your sign to be bold, adventurous and creative by incorporating a few of these 9 accent wall ideas that are trending right now into your home.

1. Brick Wall

Looking to achieve more of an industrial look in your home? One of the best ways to achieve that design style is by installing a brick accent wall. If you’ve recently bought a new-build home, this is something you can customize after moving in. And if not, faux brick wallpaper will do the trick.


Pictured in order: Model home at Empire Legacy in Thorold, ON; The Honeysuckle model at Empire Avalon in Caledonia, ON.

2. Murals

For an accent wall that’s truly one-of-a-kind, hire an artist to create a mural in your home. You’ll have full control over the colour palette that’s used, the design and size, and the location. It’s one of our favourite ways of taking something that’s meaningful to us, and incorporating it into the spaces we use most.


Pictured: The Sorrento model at Landings at NoDa in Charlotte, NC.

3. Shiplap

An easy way to enhance or bring style to any room in the house is by adding shiplap. Using white panels, you can create a more subtle look or go the dramatic route by playing with deeper colour schemes. It’s loved among design enthusiasts for bringing texture and visual interest into a home. Whether it’s used in a living room or work space, the ways in which it can be incorporated are practically endless.


Pictured in order: The Richmond model at Santa Rita Ranch in Liberty Hill, TX; The Amherst model at Oldenburg in Marvin, NC.

4. Wainscoting

Flash back to the eighteenth century and wainscoting was used to insulate rooms. Since then, it’s earned a reputation for being a timeless and elegant design feature, making just about any room look more visually appealing. But it has other practical purposes as well — since it’s usually located on the lower half of the wall, it acts as a protective shield from scratches and scuff marks caused by furniture.


Pictured: The Burleson model at The Highlands in Porter, TX.

5. Bold Colours

Who says you always have to stick to a neutral colour scheme? If you’re drawn to a more expressive design style or you want to refresh a room, add in a pop of color and revel in the difference it makes. You can play with geometric shapes, various shades or one particular color. It’s a great way to bring attention to the decor elements on your walls or create a new focal point in a room.


Pictured in order: The Greer model at Maven in Toronto, ON; The Sorrento model at Landings at NoDa in Charlotte, NC.

6. Painted Ceilings

When it comes to accents, you don’t just have to use a room’s four walls — you can add visual interest to your home’s ceilings too. Especially if you’re using the same neutral paint colour throughout your home, this is a way of adding character to each room. Trust us, the design risk is worth the reward.


Pictured: The Camden model at Halcyon in Alpharetta, GA.

7. Wall Treatments

If you’re looking for an accent wall idea that’s off the wall (literally and figuratively), you’ve stumbled upon the right trend. These wall treatments were installed using medium-density fibre boards (MDF), creating three-dimensional designs that add architectural detail and texture to the home in a contemporary way.


Pictured in order: The Jackson model at The Swift in Boho Heights, GA; The Mustang model at Audubon in Magnolia, TX.

8. Black Accent Wall

Black and white are two of the most popular shades for a reason, right? Probably because they complement each other so well and look great individually too. If you’re looking to make a statement in your home, go bold with a black accent wall. This timeless hue pairs nicely with metals, warm woods and crisp whites. Just watch as your washed-out room comes to life.


Pictured: The Honeysuckle model at Avalon in Caledonia, ON.

9. Wallpaper

Using wallpaper is one of our favourite ways to create accent walls because there’s so many interesting patterns, colours and designs to choose from. Whether you want to create a flamingo-themed nursery; a bedroom that makes you feel as though you’ve been transported to the jungle; or a subtle and sophisticated look, there’s no vision that cannot be brought to fruition.


Pictured in order: The Rosebery model at Avalon in Caledonia, ON; The Sumac model at Avalon in Caledonia, ON.

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