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Besides being the spot to hang your coat and drop your bag, your foyer is the first impression guests will have of your home. Done right and it will exude your style and personality, and welcome friends and family into the rest of your space.


Many homeowners struggle with a plan for this part of their home, and it often stays bare for years. When it came time to decorate our Senses model suite as part of our Love Design, Live Empire challenge with residential designer Natalie Chong, we knew the entryway of the condo had to make a statement and had to be functional.


With these 5 simple tips, straight from our condo design expert herself, creating your own entryway is easier than ever.


  • Add adequate storage to neatly keep shoes and accessories right where you need them. The key is to look for long and thin, wall-mounted storage solutions that won’t overcrowd the hallway.
  • Make decor accents practical, like bowls to hold keys, hooks for hats, bins for bag storage and a mirror for touch-ups on the go, mixed in with plants and art to complement your tastes.
  • Painting half the wall like Natalie did in the model suite is not only visually appealing and cost-effective, but gives the impression of a grandiose entry.
  • Protect your floors with a long entrance runner. Darker shades hide dirt.
  • Invest in stronger and more visually appealing lighting features for your entryway to add light and give a welcoming feel. Always be sure to consult an electrician when making changes to lighting fixtures.


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