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Have you always harboured a desire to live by the water? Now, you can manifest that dream by crafting a home aesthetic infused with nautical touches, turning your living space into a serene coastal haven. Uncertain about where to begin? Draw inspiration from the Camrose model home at our Empire Canals community in Welland, ON. From a classic blue and white colour palette to water-inspired murals, shiplap wall details, light-toned wooden decor, and accent wallpaper with prints of leaves, here are five ways to transform your home into a coastal retreat.

1. Blue and White Colour Palette

Embrace the timeless elegance of a blue and white colour scheme reminiscent of the sky meeting the sea. Opt for shades of navy, cobalt, and cerulean to create a calming backdrop for your home. Introduce these colours through your furnishings, such as throw pillows, rugs, and curtains. Light-coloured furniture against blue walls or vice versa can create a crisp and fresh aesthetic that mirrors the coastal aesthetic.

2. Ocean-Inspired Murals and Artwork

Capture the essence of the ocean with art that celebrates marine life and the vastness of the sea. Consider large-scale murals or framed artwork depicting waves, seashells, or marine creatures. These pieces not only add visual interest but also evoke a sense of tranquility. Choose artwork that resonates with your personal connection to the sea, whether it be serene seascapes or vibrant underwater scenes.

3. Shiplap Wall Details

Bring a touch of maritime charm to your interior with shiplap wall details. This classic coastal element adds texture and visual interest to your space. Consider installing shiplap in key areas like an accent wall in the living room, front entrance, or bedroom. You can either keep it in its natural wood finish for a rustic look, or paint it in a crisp white for a more modern feel. The horizontal lines of shiplap mimic the planks of a ship, creating a subtle yet effective nautical look.

4. Birch and Light-Toned Wooden Accents

Incorporate the warmth of natural wood into your nautical-themed home with birch and light-toned wooden accents. Choose furniture pieces, such as coffee tables, side tables, or bookshelves, made from light-colored woods like birch or pine. The light tones of these woods emulate the sun-bleached driftwood often found along the shoreline. This addition will complement the blue and white colour palette and also bring a touch of coastal nature indoors.

5. Accent Wallpaper in Leafy Prints

For a refreshing twist on traditional nautical motifs, consider incorporating accent wallpaper with leafy prints. Think palm fronds, tropical leaves, or botanical patterns reminiscent of coastal flora. This unexpected element adds a touch of lushness to your space, creating a harmonious balance with the ocean-inspired theme. We recommend using this wallpaper sparingly in spaces like a powder room, to make a statement without overwhelming the home’s overall design.

Get the Look

Here are a few pieces to get your coastal retreat started.

HB Velvet Pillow Covers — Blue, Amazon

Rodney Lamp, Structube.

Humpback Whale Print, Etsy.

Louella Coffee Table, Wayfair.

Tropical Blue Palm Leaf Wallpaper Roll, Houzz.

Hancock Upholstered Pouf, Wayfair.

Whale Tale Mural Wallpaper, Hovia.

Selena Rattan Shelving Unit, Anthropologie.

Interested in replicating this coastal aesthetic? A new release of homes is coming to Canals in February 2024, providing you with the perfect opportunity to bring this design style to life.


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Images courtesy of: Amazon (HB Velvet Pillow Covers — Blue); Structube (Rodney Lamp); Etsy (Humpback Whale Print); Wayfair (Louella Coffee Table, Hancock Upholstered Pouf); Houzz (Tropical Blue Palm Leaf Wallpaper Roll); Hovia (Whale Tale Mural Wallpaper); Anthropologie (Selena Rattan Shelving Unit).


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