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In Charlotte’s art scene, you can feel each artist’s personality come to life with their diverse styles and uses of color. Charlotte is a city that expresses many types of amazing artwork. Whether it’s the incredible museums, spectacular statues, or its vibrant murals, you can’t go wrong with exploring your artsy side. These diverse cultural influences are reflected in every brush stroke made on Charlotte’s busy streets. Take a look for yourself — we’ve put together some of our favorite hidden treasures for you to admire.

Confetti Heart Wall

Evelyn Henson’s Confetti Heart Wall offers messages of encouragement and kindness through multicolored hearts. This mosaic of gratitude is the perfect spot to be inspired to bring happiness to others. If you’re ever in Charlotte South End, be sure to visit Camden Road and keep your eyes peeled for this magical mural.

Solstice Tavern

Three artists collaborated to create this unique, eye-catching mural for the Solstice Tavern. Nick Napoletano, Jonay Di Ragno and Georgie Nakima combined their years of artistic experience to produce a captivating work of art. Their distinct styles showcase resilience and hope by their bold choice of color. Visit their work located in NoDa to gaze at this remarkable building.

Magic Carpet

These whimsical trails of color are located across from the Atherton Mill on the Rail Trail. Unlike other murals around the city, you’ll have to look down to appreciate these three works of art by artists Jessie and Katey. These Baltimore based artists have displayed their “Magic Carpet” murals on popular boardwalks near Charlotte South End. As visitors walk around the playful trails, they can also catch a glimpse of the city skyline.

Mother of Invention

Artist Rosalia Torres-Weiner uses the combination of scientific and mystical symbols to bring people on a journey of discovery. Every part of the mural is so intricately detailed that you’ll notice something new every time you look at it. The distinct shapes and textures create an unexpected optical experience. Visit Rosalia’s work on North Tryon Street.

BLM Mural on Tryon Street

This large BLM street mural located between Third and Fourth Street was commissioned and created by 17 local artists. This captivating street art showcases colorful geometrical letters that create a visual impact when seen from an aerial view. Come walk along NorthTryon Street to be inspired.

Once you’ve discovered these magical murals, check out a few other trendy entertainment spots near Empire North Carolina. These local favorites will inspire you to explore all that this booming area has to offer.

Images courtesy of: Charlotte Axios (Confetti Heart Wall); Maddie McCarley (Solstice Tavern); Charlotte Rail Trail (Magic Carpet); Clio Images (Mother of Invention); Maleek Loyd (BLM Mural).


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