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These days, it can feel increasingly difficult to stay organized. With endless to-do lists, countless meetings, and never-ending housework and errands to complete, keeping yourself on-track can sometimes seem nearly impossible. Luckily, there are a number of productivity apps that can help you streamline just about every aspect of your life. 

We’ve put together a list of five life-saving free apps that you can download right now to help you stay organized, productive and sane when life gets a little overwhelming.

Microsoft To Do

If you’re a self-proclaimed compulsive list-maker, this app is for you. Microsoft To Do can be used to manage multiple to-do lists, set reminders and due dates, and keep track of important notes and documents. From setting a reminder to pick up groceries on your way home to scheduling work-related deadlines, the user-friendly design makes this a great task management tool to add to your app rolodex.


How often have you had to click “forgot my password” when logging into an account or website and have to go through the tedious process of creating another? If that occurrence happens more often than you care to admit, then LastPass is here to save the day. This must-download app allows users to store and manage all of their different login credentials in one easily accessible location. 


Unroll.me is an email app that makes it as easy as one click to unsubscribe to all of the junk mail and spam filling up your inbox, while simultaneously streamlining the important emails you want to keep organized. With their handy ‘round-up’ feature you’ll receive one daily email with all of your subscriptions, making your inbox notifications a little less daunting and allowing for more visibility into those can’t-miss emails. 


If your desk drawer is scattered with business cards you’re not quite sure how to organize, this user-friendly app will make life a whole lot easier. Simply take a photo of any personal or professional business card you receive and the app will transfer all of the relevant information directly to your address book.  


Do you find yourself stumbling across interesting articles when you don’t have the time to read them? This app will solve your dilemma. When you download Pocket you can easily save any articles, videos, and pictures you come across, allowing you to view them offline in the app when you have a little more time to dig into them. Pro tip: you can also download the Pocket browser extension where you can save articles from your desktop and sync them to your app. 

With these apps close at hand, staying organized, productive and on top of things has never been easier!


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Liz, Nicole and Karla

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