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Fall will always have that nostalgic back-to-school feel. Even after moving on from the classroom, and maybe even ushering a few of your own little students to school, there are still ways to capitalize on that back-to-school momentum and translate it into a fresh start for you and your home.

Assign Yourself Some Homework

Fall brings a new season of learning. Without the challenge of a new class, we might not be as proactive to learn new things. Take on your own academic planning this year and book a class, buy a book or find some online tutorials for DIY projects around your home. Maybe you want to install some floating shelves or transform your foyer closet into a stop-and-drop nook. Lifelong learning can even be as simple as scheduling weekly time to read about a new topic. Make yourself a homework schedule and stick to it.

Expand Your Network

A new school year used to be the perfect opportunity to make new friends and grow your network. As an adult, your neighbours and surrounding community is a great place to start expanding your social circle. This can be as simple as a small backyard BBQ, Saturday morning coffee and scones or meeting up with neighbours for a local fitness class. In addition to meeting new people, your neighbours are a great, often untapped network of support for both you and your family.

Do Your Pre-Fall Maintenance

A fresh haircut and a new set of supplies gives students the confidence to fearlessly take on a new school year. Extend the same air of new season poise to your home by tackling the pre-fall maintenance your home needs to take you right on through to winter. Use Empire’s Fall Maintenance Checklist to make sure you set your home up for success all season long.

Check In On Your Homeowner Goals

Without set deadlines and goals to keep us on track, it can be tricky to find ways to measure our progress. Fall is a great time to take a step back and set some tangible benchmarks for your homeownership goals. Maybe you want to finish furnishing the basement, or finally find that perfect piece of art for the master bedroom, or maybe you’re aiming to buy your first investment property by the end of the year. Set aside an evening with your family to see when these goals, both big and small can be achieved.

Freshen Up Supplies

Nothing is quite as wonderful as shopping for new school gear. The perfect fall bag, blank notebooks and brand-new pens all contribute to that delightful feeling of possibility and inspiration. Fall is a perfect time to treat yourself to a few new things that can freshen up your home’s look. These can be as simple and budget-friendly as updating your pillow coverings or replacing some of the artwork on the wall. Maybe your cleaning supplies or pantry need a restart or your home office could use some new stationary and a good purging.


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