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Eating better, losing weight and saving money are among the most common new year resolutions — chances are, home maintenance doesn’t crack the list of priorities. But as any homeowner knows, maintaining a home is a full-time job; the good news is that there are small changes you can make to keep your home running as efficiently as possible, reduce your workload and even save a few dollars in the process.


Read on to discover five easy resolutions you can adopt to stay on top of your home maintenance this year.

1. Purge Your Home of Clutter

We may not realize it, but we often start the new year by cleaning, whether it’s packing up the holiday decorations, throwing away the last of the wrapping paper or tidying up after a party. So why do we stop there? Reducing the amount of clutter in your home is essential to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible, but purging your whole house of clutter at once can be an overwhelming task. Start by deciding on what room needs the most attention and focus your energy there; this will help you stay motivated and more likely to get the job done. Items that haven’t been used in the past year should be thrown or donated.

2. Make Small Changes to Cut Down Your Energy Use

From changing to LED lightbulbs, air-drying dishes, insulating heating ducts, installing programmable thermostats and more, there are plenty of small changes you can make to help conserve energy at home. Not only is it beneficial for your home, but it’ll help save you money — and that’s a resolution we can all get behind.

Did you know?

Empire is committed to building better homes and continuously raising the bar to stay ahead of the sustainability curve; our Discovery Homes project saw model homes designed with some of the most energy-saving and environmentally conscious innovations being tested, with the goal of shaping how we build our future communities.

3. Spend Five Minutes Tidying Every Night

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had nights where we’ve thrown our clothes on a chair before bed with the promise that we’ll hang them in the morning — and then don’t. When it comes to keeping our homes tidy, five minutes can go a long way. The time we spend scrolling through our social feeds can instead be spent taking out the trash, doing the last of the dishes, wiping down surfaces and yes, putting away our clothes. Adopting this habit will ensure that you’re always coming home to a clean and restful environment and will give you increased leisure time on weekends.

4. Do Regular Safety Checks

More important than a beautifully designed home is a safe one. Ensure that you and your family members will be alerted in the unlikely event of an emergency by regularly checking your fire and carbon monoxide detectors, replacing the batteries as needed. As a precaution, keep a fire extinguisher on every floor of the house (and a second in the kitchen); they can easily be hidden in a closet, cabinet or console.

5. Work on Home Improvement Projects as a Couple or Family

Home improvement and DIY projects don’t have to be a chore, but a fun and creative way to spend time together with your loved ones. When the project is complete, you’ll have a one-of-a-kind piece to remember the experience by.


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