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Whether it’s under the categories of local living, real estate, lifestyle, design or homeownership, the bottom line is that we love sharing stories with you. Over the past year, we’ve curated content that appeals to you — our homeowners and loyal readers. Before we kick off the new year with more home inspiration and insightful articles (which we promise we will), we wanted to look back at the content that you enjoyed most over the year. If our round-up doesn’t cover your favourite post, let us know on our social channels and we’d be happy to add it to the list.

1. The Ultimate Moving Guide Made Just For You

Buying a new home is one of the best parts about homeownership and moving is arguably one of the worst. But, it doesn’t have to be. We all know that moving can be tedious, exhausting and a true feat of its own but with the right preparation, you can tackle it like a pro. Here’s our ultimate guide to moving, made just for you.

2. 5 Clever Ways to Repurpose Spare Rooms

This year more than ever, we’ve needed a little extra space in our homes. Those smaller spare rooms that used to double as storage units have become our home offices, gyms and play areas. If you haven’t redesigned your room yet, or figured out exactly how it can be used, here’s some inspiration to get you started.

3. Your One-Stop Shop for Everything Cleaning

Who doesn’t enjoy living in a clean and refreshed space? From living better with less to decluttering your space and styling your open shelving like a pro, this cleaning guide was created to set you up for success. Turn on some music, use our blogs as a resource and watch how quickly your home transforms from messy to sparkly and new.

4. This One Thing Will Make Entertaining So Much Easier

As any avid entertainer will tell you, hosting a party is no small task. Party prep begins long before the party starts, from running out to the store to get groceries to cleaning the house. With all the effort that goes into preparations, we know that the host deserves to kick back, relax and enjoy the party they’ve meticulously put together. Our secret? Hire extra hands.

5. Designer-Worthy Entryway Inspiration For Your Home

Designing your entryway is a more important consideration than you might think. It’s your home’s first impression and it deserves your time and attention when it comes to design. Right now, your front entrance may be drowning in coats and piled up to the brim in footwear, or it’s totally bare. But not for long.

6. How to Create a Cool Kids’ Space at Home

Home is where your kids’ imaginations run wild. It’s where games of hide-and-seek are played, family portraits are drawn, LEGO creations are made, forts are constructed and stories are read. It’s where your kids find their independence and their creativity is ignited. Every child deserves a place to call their own, so give them one.

7. 18 Household Items Everyone Forgets to Buy For Their First Home

Decorating is one of the most exciting parts of buying your first home. You’ve probably taken dimensions of your space, purchased a few new furniture pieces and started spatial planning your rooms. But have you considered purchasing these smaller items that are essential to your everyday routine?

8. Chef Sous Chef’s Sunday Best Lasagna

Few meals are synonymous with a Sunday family dinner quite like a homemade plate of lasagna, and Philip and Mystique of Chef Sous Chef couldn’t agree more. As a staple recipe that every home chef should have in their repertoire, it was a no-brainer for the husband-and-wife food blogging duo to include their take on the classic in their new cookbook, Eat With Us.

Interested in seeing all of our top-performing blogs from 2020? Give them a read here. In the meantime, prepare yourself for a new year of content coming soon. If you’d rather have our design, homeownership, real estate and lifestyle content delivered straight to your inbox each month, simply subscribe to our blog below.


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