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Decorating is one of the most exciting parts of buying your first home. You’ve probably taken dimensions of your space, purchased a few new furniture pieces that you saved up for and started spatial planning your rooms. If we had to guess, we’d say you already have your couch, kitchen table and beds, but how about those smaller items that are just as essential to your everyday routine? Today, we’re making sure that you have everything in order for when you move into your new home with these 18 household items people tend to forget.

1. Door Mat

There’s no better feeling than being welcomed home before you even walk in the door. Keep mud and dirt from entering your house with this inviting door mat.

2. Drawer Organizers

Your bathroom drawers will be thanking you later because these durable containers keep even the smallest spaces neat and tidy. Opt for something that’s made of clear plastic — it’s easy to clean and keeps items visible.

3. Cutting Board

Food prep stations don’t get more beautiful than this. If you don’t have a cutting board already, buy something that’s heavy duty and constructed well for greater longevity.

4. Vacuum

You’ll probably want to clean the house a bit before you move your furniture pieces in so make sure you have a vacuum on hand. Something that’s light and cordless will make cleaning an absolute breeze.

5. Steamer

No one wants to be seen wearing wrinkled clothes. Before you move into your new home, invest in a steamer that’s easy to transport from point A to B.

6. Dish Rack

Don’t overlook the usefulness of this kitchen item. Whether you’re drying miscellaneous cookware or wine glasses that are too delicate for the dishwasher, it’s a must-have.

7. Coasters

Whether you just bought a new coffee table or you’re using one you already had, it makes no difference — you should always have coasters easily accessible in your rooms to keep surfaces from getting stained.

8. Toilet Brush

It’s not the most glamorous item to have in your home, but it is essential to making sure your toilet stays clean. Something minimalistic and sleek will do the trick.

9. Shoe Rack

Like all things in your house, shoes should have their own designated place to live. Don’t forget to purchase a shoe rack to keep your home’s entrance clean and tidy.

10. Bed Skirt

When it comes to linens for your bed, a bed skirt may not be top of mind but it makes all the difference to the overall aesthetic of your room. Say goodbye to exposed bed frames for good.

11. Kitchen Knives

It’s only fitting that cooking pros have a proper set of knives in their kitchen to make meal prep as easy as it can be. Use them on the day-to-day or to prepare a delicious dinner for family and friends at home.

12. Toaster

A toaster is essential to making your breakfast and brunch dreams come true. Buy something that has the perfect balance of function and design.

13. Clothing Hangers

Hangers are essential to unpacking clothing items in your new home. Make sure they’re all sporting the same colour for consistency and use them to organize your closet to a T.

14. Bath Mat

You may have body, face and hand towels packed and ready to go, but a bath mat is equally important to your new home. Keep your floors dry with something soft that’s easy to wash.

15. Garbage Bin

A garbage bin can be stylish despite what you may think. If it’s not built into your cabinets, keep it stowed away underneath the counter.

16. Trinket Dish

A trinket dish might be lower on your list of importance, but we disagree. Use it to house your keys, jewelry and any other small items to keep your surfaces free of clutter.

17. Tea Towels

It’s impossible to get things done in the kitchen without a few tea towels being easily accessible. Have fun with patterns and textures to give your space some pizzazz.

18. Place Mats

Keep hot plates from damaging your kitchen table or countertops with a set of place mats. Play with textures, patterns and colours for endless table setting fun.

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Photos courtesy of: Wayfair (Dish Rack, Garbage Bin); Dyson (Vacuum); Simons (Door Mat, Toilet Brush, Tea Towels); Crate and Barrel (Cutting Board, Coasters, Kitchen Knives, Place Mats); Amazon (Toaster, Clothing Hangers); Cb2 (Steamer, Trinket Dish); H&M (Bath Mat); West Elm (Shoe Rack); The Container Store (Drawer Organizer).


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