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To launch our limited release of Terrace Collection suites at Eau Du Soleil, we wanted to help our buyers visualize the endless possibilities of terrace living in Toronto. To do this we developed an interactive Eau Du Soleil Terrace Collection video, which you can experience here. This interactive video lets you discover your new living space and toggle between day/night and lake/city views to fully appreciate the Terrace layouts, views and lifestyle.

Check out all the excitement and hard work that went on behind the scenes:


fun facts that will make you want to go back and watch again:

  • At the original daylight shoot, the puppy in the scene got stage fright and stayed very still. The footage had to be replaced in post-production for another shot where he was more playful and active.
  • The only live action elements of the video are the floor, the actors and some of the furniture. Everything else was created from scratch from Computer-Generated Imagery.
  • Blinking lights, flags, people and cars were added in the background in order to enhance the realism — try to spot some of the background movement for yourself.
  • The smartphone in the main character’s hand shows a different picture for the four interactive options.

our behind the scenes shoot by the numbers:

  • 4000 square-foot green screen stage

  • 175 hours of render time

  • 37 behind the scenes crew

  • 25 total wardrobe and make-up looks

  • 14 hours of shooting

  • 14 background actors

  • 10 hours of cast/tech rehearsal

  • 8 models

  • 8 different light sets

  • 4 sets of hi-res panoramic photography

  • 1.5 months of planning

  • 1 crane rig programmed to replicate exact camera movements AND…

  • 1 adorable puppy


Check out SOME Behind the Scenes photos and concept sKETCHES below: 

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