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Making a Movie: the Maverick Manifesto

The Maverick Manifesto illustrates the declaration of principles of a new way of living for those who have their finger on the pulse in the city of Toronto. We give you an inside look at how the Manifesto was achieved using 3D software and green screens.

If you haven’t already seen The Maverick Manifesto video, we encourage you to do so here.


  • The Mavericks feature more than 20 outfits and make-up looks throughout the film.
  • The chess set featuring Empire’s buildings was 3D printed in 1 day.
  • For the casting, the Mavericks were asked to act out a series of situations. Some of them were doing a “battle scream” and smashing a concrete wall with a hammer.
  • The only live-action elements in the video are The Mavericks and some props (like the flag, the chess set and the hammer). Everything else was created in 3D and integrated to the shots.
    The “levitation” scene at the top of the stairs was achieved by having one of the Mavericks jump on a trampoline and shooting at a high frame rate.
  • The massively large skirt featured by one of The Mavericks on the “Throne” scene was extended using specialized 3D software that simulates fabric.
  • A vintage film camera was sourced for the “Film Festivals” scene, gathering the attention of the film crew. During its functional days in the 50’s it was used for feature films.
  • For the scenes where the four Mavericks are running with the flag, the actual music used in the film was played in the background in order generate the proper mood. Some Kanye West was also played at times.
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