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A Lovely Little Life

Natasha Little understands the importance of creating a space to call her own. Known on Instagram as @a_lovely_little_life, we caught up with the mother, entrepreneur and decor guru to discuss style, family and finding that elusive balance.


Natasha Little, an Empire homeowner since 2015, routinely juggles running a successful family business, Eden Tile It, motherhood to two boys, Hunter, 5 and Jackson, 2 and ambitious home design projects all while building herself a successful personal brand, amassing over 11K followers on Instagram. We met the petite, fast-talking blonde with a megawatt smile at her Empire home in Binbrook and immediately got a taste for the busy mom’s reality.

With her energetic dog Georgia off to doggy daycare, a handy-man on his way in and us knocking at her door with Starbucks Flat Whites (Natasha’s drink of choice) in tow, her morning off seemed more packed than our entire week. We settled ourselves atop gunmetal bar stools in her charming farmhouse-style kitchen, which we’ve seen her boys occupy countless times on her feed. The act of breaking bread (or scones in our case) set the stage for a discussion around design, motherhood, social media and how she manages to keep up with it all.


How do you strike a balance between flawless decor and DIY projects, keeping up your personal brand, raising kids and running your own business?
Time management always comes first in order to be able to create and manage your schedule, but also be flexible when things don’t go as planned. I also get a lot of help from our family which is great, and running and owning a business allows me to have more flexibility in my day.

Your home has such sophistication and crisp, clean style; how do you maintain a kid friendly home without losing your design personality?
It’s really about design details that fit your life. I’m lucky enough that because of my line of work, I could really visualize the space from a floorplan, and I knew when I saw this home design that it would be perfect for us. Specifically, because of the playroom, which is located off the main living room and kitchen. It was intended for an office or den, but we immediately knew it was perfect for the kids. A home office is a great theory, but I work a lot as it is, and I like to keep my work at work. Instead we have this designated spot where the boys can play, the toys stay in there so there’s no clutter in the living room or kitchen, but I can still talk to them; they’re not stuck in the basement where I can’t see them.


We always love checking in as the seasons change to see how you’re evolving your home’s look. What are your best practices for making seasonal changes without breaking the bank?
I keep and reuse everything. My basement is full of bins labelled by season, so everything is organized and accessible. But of course, it’s okay to pick up a few new things here and there!

What’s your secret weapon for keeping that beautiful couch white with kids AND a puppy?
Norwex. It’s a chemical-free cleaner with a huge line of products. It’s pretty much all I use…with
the exception of bleach. Everyone always asks me about the couch. It’s an Ikea couch and I have these great slipcovers on top from Ikea as well. They’re a bit of a pain to take off, but I can remove and wash or bleach them every few months to keep them looking crisp and white. It means I don’t have to freak out when the kids spill something or they start to look dirty.


Do you have a piece of advice for someone moving into a new home?
I have bought mostly pre-construction in the past and I would highly recommend to anyone who is going through that process to bite the bullet on the upgrades and put them into your mortgage. I know it can be scary to spend more when you’re already buying a home, but everyone always says they’ll do the upgrades themselves later on and it usually takes years. You can’t put a price on being able to enjoy and relax in your home right away. When we moved in, everything we wanted was complete and we could spend our time and money doing fun projects like tiles in our entryway or Wainscoting in Jackson’s room ourselves.

Describe your decor style in a few words.
Modern Farmhouse and a little girly. In a house full of boys, it’s all I got!

You would be lost in your home without
My walk-in closet!


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