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80 Degrees Outside? It’s Still Christmas!

Tags: Holidays

For those living in Texas, the holidays are not defined by color knit caps, tufted parkas and wool socks.

You might need those warm clothes, but you just as easily might not. One year could bring snow (even on Christmas Eve, as it happened in Houston in 2004), while the next year it may be so warm that the AC is on full blast. A matter of fact, about the only thing you can count on when it comes to weather during the holidays (or almost any time of year in Texas), is its unpredictability. There’s a saying in Texas — if you don’t like the weather, just wait a few days (or even a few hours).


So, if you’re new to the Lone Star State this holiday season, expect beautifully decorated trees and homes, plenty of chances to meet Santa (and possibly a “reinsteer”), lots and lots of shopping, a wealth of holiday performances and a festive spirit. You’ll even find pop-up skating rinks, although people might be dressed in short sleeves.

Join in the merriment and watch for events happening in your own community that will allow you to meet your neighbors. Just don’t pack away the shorts and T-shirts — you’re going to need them!