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5 Tips to Get You Through Your Move with Your Moody Teens

Tags: Moving, Teens

You’re ready to move into a new home. You spend weeks, or even months, looking for a home that you can move your family into. Now you have to pack up the house, the kids, and the memories to move into the new place. As if that’s not stressful enough, you have a moody teenager too. Well, here are some tips to help you get through this move and be there for your teen at the same time


Address their own challenges

Your teen is already going through a lot. School is tough, and puberty is even tougher. While it might be easy to push their feelings to the back burner while you’re calling moving companies, it’s still important to talk to them about what they’re going through.

Try to teach your teen coping mechanisms for stressful events like a big move. You can also try your best to move during a time of year that won’t seriously affect their school work. If you notice your teen getting especially agitated or even depressed, it would be a good idea to seek professional help to get them through this move.


Ask them questions

You ask your teen every day when they get home from school how their day was. You might feel like you’re bothering them, but you teen might not come forward either. So, this is one of those good times to be a “pushy parent” so you know how you can help your teen during this stressful time.

Additionally, according to a survey completed by The Spruce, most teens said that the number one thing they would do if they moved again would be to ask lots of questions. So, if your teen is being quite, beat them to the punch and ask them what they need to know about the move. Where you’re going, what school they will be attending, why you’re moving, etc., are all great pieces of information your teen would love to hear.

Research the new area

If your teen is asking you questions, you should be equipped with the information they are searching for. This is especially important if you’re moving to a new county that you and your teen are not familiar with.

Find out what kind of things there are to do on the weekends and after school. Also look for places you can go as a family, like sports arenas, restaurants, clubs, etc. Finally, if you’re moving somewhere completely out of your area, check to see what the local weather is typically like so your teen can be prepared.

Plan their bedroom first

Putting the focus on your teen will really help them get through the move without feeling left out. It’s easy to turn your attention to the new kitchen or the new setup for the finished basement, but all your teen wants to know is that they will have a comfortable, inviting bedroom.

Spend some time to focus on your teen’s bedroom. Help them plan out the layout, get some new decor, and even a new bedspread if they’d like one. Your teen will appreciate the attention and most likely feel much more relaxed about this stressful event.

You and your kids are packing up shop and moving into a completely new home. Remember that your teens are still human, and they need support just as much as you do. Give them the attention and focus they need, and allow them time to say goodbye to the place they grew up in.


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