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5 must-try cocktails on King Street West

Happy Hour is on for the summer, and nowhere are there more diverse and delicious options than on Toronto’s King Street West. With every bar and eatery vying for the tittle of Cocktail King, the creations are getting more adventurous, more savory and more must-have. Here are our top 5 cocktails list, from the unexpected twists on classic favourites to the newest imaginative brews to taste.


1. Baro Sour at Baro

Baro’s signature cocktail is made with Chilean and Peruvian pisco and a few other deliciously refreshing flavours like passionfruit, guava, raspberry blossom honey, ginger, lime, house vanilla almond bitters and a stiff egg white topping to create a complex and unique creation.



2. Negroni Española at Patria

A must-try Spanish twist on an Italian classic, Patria takes this refreshing cocktail to new levels with gin, Campari, Vermut Negro and a bittersweet mix of herbs and citrus.



3. Moscow Mule at Belfast Love

Quickly becoming a cult favourite, Belfast Love does the classic Moscow Mule right with a copper cup, lime garnish and delicious ginger beer.



4. Milk & Honey at Goldie

The Milk & Honey is a savory creation made with smoky Johnnie Walker Black, Drambuie, Amontillado sherry, milk liqueur and cherry bitters.



5. Pumpkin Spice Mimosas at Lavelle

Just when we thought Mimosas couldn’t possible get any more appealing, Lavelle has found a way to bring them even more wide-spread appeal. Prosecco, mulled wine and pumpkin spice foam is the best accompaniment to breakfast, lunch or any celebration.



Did we miss one? Tell us what other must-try cocktails we should toast to on King Street West at #LiveTheMav.

Photos courtesy of: BlogTO; Toronto Life