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5 Eco-Friendly Furniture Sources for a More Sustainable Home

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In the wake of global climate change, it is as important as ever to be an environmentally conscious consumer. Thankfully, it is now easier than ever to find ethically made, environmentally sustainable products that don’t comprise style for sustainability. Here are 5 eco-friendly brands that are leading change in home decor and standing out for their commitment to harvest sustainable resources, fair trade initiatives and responsible production practices.

ABC Home

Highlights: Eco-friendly, ethically and sustainably sourced, fair-trade.


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ABC Home offers a wide variety of modern and elegant pieces that are responsibly sourced from across Europe and Asia, as well as women’s fair-trade cooperatives in India. Whether you’re looking for a stylish sofa or a comfortable daybed, ABC Home has you covered.



Highlights: Eco-friendly, made in America, fair wages, ‘Every Purchase Plants a Tree’ initiative, carbon-free shipping.

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Bambeco believes that we can inspire change, one room at a time. Committed to the highest respect for the planet and its people, Bambeco strives to inspire sustainable living through their three core values: forest preservation and restoration, clean water and water conservation, and fair wages and a safe workplace. They’ve saved over 300 million gallons of water, planted over 20,000 trees, and kept over 236 metric tons of carbon out of the atmosphere through their commitment to carbon-free shipping. If you’re looking for stylish furniture you can feel good about, Bambeco is the place you’ve been searching for.


West Elm

Highlights: FSC-certified, fair-trade, eco-friendly, made in America.


Born in Brooklyn in 2002, West Elm is focused on modern design, affordability and community with recently launched fair-trade and eco-friendly collections. You can shop their beautiful pieces online or in-store at Shops At King Liberty.



Highlights: Eco-friendly, made in America.

Inmod has an incredible selection of eco-friendly furniture made from sustainable wood, bamboo, and other environmentally sustainable materials. Whether you’re looking for a bamboo platform bed or eco-friendly lighting, Inmod has something for every room in your house.



Highlights: Eco-friendly, made in America, upcycled and organic materials.


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Viesso is committed to contributing to a healthy planet and a healthy home. By using natural and recycled materials and manufacturing their products in the United States, they strive to continually reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining exceptional quality. Viesso values their commitment to a healthier home by ensuring none of their products contain fire retardant or harsh chemicals and use only organically grown materials. Whether you’re searching for a dining room set or outdoor patio furniture, Viesso is an incredible provider of sustainable home goods.