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4 Retailers Changing the Home Decor Game

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Despite our constant and unwavering love for those tried and true home decor and furnishings retails like Ikea, Home Outfitters and HomeSense, we are becoming more and more enamored with the stunning decor collections of a few brands that are not so well known to the home design industry. It seems only fitting that these household names, having proved themselves as trendsetters for so many years, jump on the home decor bandwagon. Check out our top 5 picks for fashion-turned-home decor mavericks.



This international fashion brand is known for delivering on-trend pieces ahead of the curve. Launched in 2003, Zara Home already has more than 500 stores in 53 markets in addition to their online store that ships worldwide. Giving us 24-hour access to their constantly refreshing collection of home decor options.


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A long-time favorite for indie-darlings from the same family as Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie’s truly unique lens on the world makes it an uplifting experience every time you stroll in. The delicate prints and beautifully crafted details that make an Anthropologie clothing piece distinguishable lives on in their home decor. From rich velvet couches, to brass engraved kitchenware and gentle florals that leave us swooning, Anthropologie is the place to go for that statement piece you can’t help but splurge on.


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A member of the URBN family and known for their retro vibe and punchy clothing, Urban Outfitters’ is a lifestyle brand founded in the 1970, now with over 200 stores across North America and Europe, still offerings that 70’s vibe, right down to their home decor. We love them for their quirky details, rich prints and their downright cool shopping environment. We’re especially fond of their one-of-a-kind collection.


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Having to revamp their business model with the popularity of online book retails like Amazon, Chapters/Indigo took up the challenge magnificently. Now carrying a home collection that you could easily spend hours looking through, from candles to pillows to prints and frames. We love perusing the aisles of Indigo for the latest home decor from our favourite brands like Voluspa, Kate Spade and SS Print Shop.


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