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10 things you didn’t know about Houston

The Texas lifestyle is not all about cowboys and cookouts and folks are starting to get the memo: Houston is the best city in the country. As industries continue to thrive, job opportunities grow and families flock to the area, the Bayou City is booming and ready to welcome you. Here are some things Houstonian love most that might be news to newcomers.

  1. football is life

Friday Night Lights comes to life in Houston, with 5 college football teams and a die-hard devotion to the sport at all levels. As a Houstonian, you’ll have game day plans, from now until eternity.


  1. Bey-Town

Houston is home to some notable stars, including Iggy Azalea, Renee Zellweger and Jennifer Garner. But the most important of course is the Queen B herself, Beyoncé. Really, need we say more?

  1. You’ll have to rethink your hair & makeup

As one of the most humid cities in North America, Houstonians have to combat frizzy hair and melting make-up daily, but they have this down to a science. Don’t believe us? There’s an entire industry devoted to it.


  1. No zoning by laws

Houston is one of the only major American cities without zoning restrictions. While some debate the wisdom of this, it does make for some interesting strolls down the street, where you may encounter a church, bar and gas station sitting side by side.

  1. Not all rumors are true

Multicultural and LGBT pro are not what you might think about the deep south, but Houston surprises us. Houston’s Pride Celebration of almost 40 years is the largest in the Southwest, drawing in nearly a half million people and a Rice University study found Houston to be the most diverse city in the United States. The diversity extends to the Houston food scene, boasting over 98 different cuisines, comparable to New York City.

  1. Houston is unstoppable

With a steady increase in jobs, tech companies and fortune 500 companies (23+ to date), it’s no wonder Houston’s population continues to rise, and its economy along with it.

  1. Be in and out of the loop

Houston’s distinctive loop formation has given way to citizens thinking themselves either “in” or “out” of the loop, referring to those that stay in the suburbs and those that venture downtown. We are of the opinion that you should be both in and out of the loop. Houston’s downtown and midtown offer some of the best restaurants, local events (like their annual Rodeo) and nightlife around, and the suburbs offer the gorgeous landscape, serene settings and outdoor activities of areas like Galveston, Katy, Montgomery and The Woodlands.


  1. Rethink urban sprawl

Urban sprawl takes on a new meaning in Houston, with the city spanning a whopping 384,000 acres. Master-planned communities around the downtown core offer larger properties, strategically planned amenities and access to some of Houston’s most beautiful natural landscapes.

  1. Your money will go farther

The unicorn of urban cities, Houston is known for high-paying job opportunities, and low cost of living. In 2013, stats for overall after-taxes living costs were 5.6 per cent below the average for over 308 urban areas in the USA.

  1. You CAN afford your dream home

Much of Houston’s success and low cost of living is due to the affordable housing opportunities available to new and existing residents. Houston’s distinct way of developing means new master-planned communities focus on amenities on site, close proximity to schools and prime local conveniences coupled with home designs that are distinctly Texan.

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